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Home Entertainment

  • Nvidia takes on the big guys with its own gaming console

    Nvidia, the Santa Clara, California based company is better known for its graphics processing units (GPUs) specifically GeForce. Not content with just filling up other gaming consoles and PC's, it now has its own gaming console. Think an Xbox controller with a pop-up screen. Sporting a Tegra 4 chipset inside, it has a 5-inch, 720p display with touch capabilities, three 3400mAh (!) rechargeable li-ion batteries capable of up to 10 hours of gaming,...

  • Belkin Bluetooth Receiver: crisp sound, poor wireless

    The Belkin Bluetooth Music Receiver is a wireless "little wonder" for your home stereo. What it promises to do, it does, albeit with a bit of a marketing flaw and one or two small disappointments. But we will get to that later... The marketing flaw is that this is specifically targeted at users who have older stereos at home and have not traversed to the digital world of consoles, USB ports and memory sticks. It will make the "uninformed" look cool, you know like mom and dad. This is a stay-at-home device. You are not going to travel around with...

  • LG 29-inch EA93 21:9 monitor: will ultra-widescreen finally take off?

    LG will launch its new 21:9 aspect ratio EA93 UltraWide LCD monitor this month. With a resolution of 2560x1080 and measuring 29 inches, the cinema-styled ratio will enable users to view two or more videos side by side, and finally get rid of the black borders above and below wide-screen movies. About time. Ultra wide-screen monitors have been around before, but never really took off because of technology, specifically TV broadcasting not having caught up with it. Also, price was a factor. But as JJ Lee, Executive Vice President and Head of the IT Business Unit at the LG Home...

  • Samsung HT-D5300 3D Blu-ray Home Theatre – It’s great

    So your friends told you, and the salesman in the shop convinced you, that you must have a 3D full-HD LED TV. So you set off for home with the new TV on the back seat, rush to set it up and connect your trusty DVD player, ready to watch your movies like you’ve never seen them before.  But, as the first DVD starts playing you feel somewhat cheated: the image is just not what you saw in the shops. Reality check -- those beautiful 46-inch full-HD LED TV’s in the shops are most likely connected to a Blu-Ray...

  • Review: Logitech Pure-Fi Express Plus – Has… potential

    Within the confines of the audiophile spectrum exists a passel of audio listeners with varying degrees of auditory discernment. Somewhere, an insomniac just likes to hear the voice of the 3AM DJ on a kitchen radio, in the apartment below some hipsters are having existential debates about 1Q84 and streaming Bon Iver’s latest over a Bluetooth speaker, while further down the street a bass woofer with a car passes a bunch of guys busting moves to the beat of Run DMC on an old boombox from the 80s. Then there’s the iGeneration. Until the iPod came along, a simple 3.5mm...

  • Video Review: Samsung D6570 all-in one home theatre

    It's slinky, it's skinny, it'll fit in any room... and a wireless link for your rear surround speakers saves the spaghetti cable runs. Samsung's D6750 all-in-one is a Blu-ray player with a home theatre AV receiver and amplifier built in, feeding some high-tech, ultra-slim column speakers. One box convenience, even the latest and greatest in 3D technology, but with a lot of compromises when it comes to flexibility and audio quality. Gearburn takes a look in this video review.

  • Review: Cheerfully video-tastic Samsung BluRay home theatre

    This thing is seriously compact. The Samsung HT-D6750W is a Blu-Ray player and an audio/video receiver/amplifier/media center/post-space-age statement -- all in one small box. It has four tall skinny speakers that take up no space, and it’s wireless. What’s not to love? Well, the sound quality, but let’s not get picky. Small house? Love movies? On a budget? This one’s for you. It’s a svelte 6cm high, and 43cmx33cm wide and deep, so it can slide into a pretty small shelf. It has no air vents on top, so you don’t need to worry about leaving a big gap, although...

  • Review: Samsung PS51D550 is a great TV and 3D is rubbish

    Spend any time with Samsung's latest plasma beast and you will be convinced of two things. First: plasma is far, far superior to LCD or LED in any way but for sheer nuclear brightness. Second: 3D TV is a crock best consigned to bleeding-edgers and those who've not yet spent any time with it. And maybe a third thing -- when did the bloody TV become the home theatre hub? This is a TV to write home about -- it's great size seems imposing in a modest lounge at first, but once you go big it's really hard to go...

  • LG, Philips and Sharp to build interoperable TV apps

    LG Electronics has tied up with Dutch giant Philips and Japan's Sharp to co-operate on the production of interoperable applications for internet-powered televisions. The glaring omission in this consortium are the two TV leaders, Sony and Samsung. The three TV vendors will jointly create software development kits, which will be distributed to third-party developers to write TV applications, said LG. It is the first such collaboration in the smart TV sector, LG said, adding the three would complete software development kits by the end of this year. They will use different operating systems for their smart TVs, but the applications will become...

  • Sony, Panasonic, Samsung to make universal 3D glasses

    Japan's Sony and Panasonic and South Korea's Samsung Electronics have announced that they will jointly develop new standards for glasses used to watch 3D images on television, computer and movie screens. The three Asian consumer electronics giants, working with European technology firm X6D Limited, said their collaboration will cover a technology called "3D active glasses", according to their joint statement. The universal glasses -- which can be used on TVs from all three firms -- will go on sale in 2012 and will be compatible with 3D sets being released this year, the companies said. "Today’s announcement marks a unique collaboration of...