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  • New Intel Core i7-6700K Skylake benchmarks appear, Haswell not dead yet

    The PC gaming fraternity has been waiting quite a while for Intel's next processing chapter, and finally the world can get a glimpse of some synthetic benchmarks of the company's new flagship CPU. Chinese site TechBang published a benchmark head to head pitting the upcoming Skylake Intel Core i7-6700K against a Haswell-based Core i7-4790K -- Intel's current flagship. The Intel Core i7-6700K boasts a native clockspeed of 4.0GHz but can boost to 4.2GHz under taxing loads and also boasts a rather large 8MB of cache and eight processing threads. For reference, the i7-4790K also boasts a 4.0GHz clockspeed but can turbo...

  • Intel launches 18-core Xeon monster, Skylake arriving Q3 2015

    Those of you who have waited for Intel to make the first move before planning your next gaming rig and breathe a sigh of relief. The Santa Ana chipmaker has finally revealed its Intel Skylake-S roadmap, which will see a slew of new 14nm desktop processors hit the market. But while this is all beautiful vistas gazing towards the future, Intel hasn't forgotten about its enterprise, server and workstation crowd. It has launched a new Xeon processor family, branded as E7-8800 & E7-4800 v3, based on the Haswell-EX core. The flagship E7-8800 is a behemoth, boasting 18 cores clocked at 2.5GHz,...

  • Intel Braswell is the new lightweight SoC for ultramobiles, budget PCs

    Without any fanfare, Intel has launched the Bay Trail upgrade, Braswell, to market, boasting a reduced die size and lower power consumption. Intel Braswell is an entry-level chipset, and intended for use on ultraportable machines, low-cost laptops and cheap, compact PCs, with Gen 8 series graphics and up to four cores. That's pretty spiffy for low cost chips then, ranging between US$107 to US$161. The Intel Braswell line will initially offer four chips, with three labeled as Celeron and one as Pentium, as per Intel's new naming tradition. All SoCs will boast the new Airmont cores, but the latter will feature...

  • Intel Compute Stick turns your TV into a quad-core Atom PC

    When Intel isn't building tiny button-sized wearable platforms, it's coughing up some more interesting consumer level tidbits. Outed this week is the company's HDMI computer-in-a-stick challenger; it's also called the Compute Stick, which is exactly what it is, really. And simple is the name of the game here. The Chromecast-like dongle runs a full version of Windows 8.1, and probably Windows 10 in the very near future once its out in the wild, and will more than happily run its bevy of apps on any HDMI TV screen. Effectively, that means Netflix and Hulu are fair game, but also apps...

  • Intel’s banking on Internet of Things technology, launches own IoT platform

    The Internet of Things (IoT) -- now there's a term we haven't heard too much of lately. But Intel, the world's leading chip maker, is getting in on the act. The company has announced that it will be bringing some order into a rather fragmented market, by launching its own IoT platform. Thanks to the lack of predefined standards and structures, the Internet of Things movement has suffered this year after such a monumental rise in late 2013. Intel hopes that its framework will help to remedy this, and bring about a new interest in the possibilities of the IoT world. "The...

  • It’s never enough: Intel releases new 18-core, DDR4-ready Xeon E5 range

    Intel's promising some enormous performance gains from its new Xeon E5 CPUs. Launched at yesterday's Developers Forum, the company is claiming "27 new performance records" for the chips and probably another 27 for the price alone. The Xeon range is largely marketed as server or workstation-grade CPUs and is the flagpole atop of Intel's performance massif, so any refresh or newly released batch of Xeon make some much welcomed noise. In the case of the Core i7 and Core i5 refreshes earlier this year, we received a new manufacturing process and clockspeed boost, but not much else. Haswell-E, of course,...