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  • Anthony Goodman: AG Mobile’s ‘born to look after the customer’

    The smartphone business is a cut-throat world, where the small fry are usually chewed up and spat out by the baleen whales of the big blue. But sometimes, thanks to luck and what we imagine must be a fair bit of determination, said small fry turn into companies that make a few massive waves in the space themselves. Although many people in South Africa have not heard of AG Mobile, the company has been around since 2007 in its current guise, and 1994 in its post-natal infancy. Founded by Anthony Goodman, a South African-born entrepreneur and technology enthusiast, AG Mobile has...

  • Grafting your own ‘Call of Duty’ tournament: an interview with Jozi Underground

    It's no real surprise that gaming is growing both internationally and locally. All over the world, gamers are turning their hobbies into fierce competitive duels for glory and sometimes a little more. For those who aren't eSports hot shots, even the smaller tournaments are events to look forward to. When considering eSports globally though, the figures in general will scare you. DotA 2's The International boasts a current crowdfunded prize pool topping US$14-million, and is easily one of the more lucrative global eSports tournaments out there. The more you look at the competitive gaming scene the more you realize that there's a...

  • Kalvin Subbadu: Watch out, there’s more to come from WD South Africa

    WD (the hard drive division of Western Digital Corporation) has been a big player in the storage industry since the early 1970s. The Irvine, California-based company has seen spikes in revenue and profits for a few quarters now, and that's backed up by improving prospects in the southern tip of Africa too. At EGE 2015, Gearburn sat down with WD sales manager of components Kalvin Subbadu and Nick de Jager, key account manager for WD's primary partner Frontosa SA, to shed a little more light WD's future in terms of gaming, storage technologies as well as its future in South...

  • Rest.less Games: tales from the indie game industry and ‘Wait: Extended’

    A little while ago my editor presented me with a Steam bundle of games. “I thought you might want to check them out,” he said. “Let me know if you can perhaps scrape out a review for them.” As a loyal subject to my Lord Editor, and the honourable circle of Gearburn, I complied. One by one I tried the titles and with each one my frustration grew. Yes, some were admittedly moderately fun, most just bearable and a few didn’t even work. That was until I came across one game, the last of the bundle. This game was Wait, a...

  • Meet Alice’s Dystopia: South Africa’s first all-female ‘League of Legends’ team

    In a world dominated by males between the age of 15 and 25, League of Legends suffers from an identity crisis. Although it's one of the world's most popular MMORPGs, about 90% of the user base roots itself in this static demographic, so coming across a group that bucks this trend is both refreshing and groundbreaking. MaDHatter's Alice's Dystopia, as noted on the team's offical page, is "the first all female League of Legends team in South Africa to climb their way up the ranks of the League elo," and my, they kick ass. At rAge 2014's three exhibition matches,...

  • Beyond periphery: Logitech promises a ‘big year’ for South Africa in 2015

    Logitech's a rarity at the moment -- it's a technology company on the rise. Revenue has increased year on year (pdf), and that trend is set to continue into the next fiscal quarter. It's looking to become a key player in the South African market, as well as the world, building beyond But what is the company's secret and what, more importantly for us, can South African expect from this computer gear giant in the coming years? Well, it turns out quite a bit in fact. Gearburn sat down with Logitech's Country Sales Manager for South Africa, Robert Anderson, to find...

  • Tom Happ, creator of indie game Axiom Verge, on his ‘vessel of consciousness and reality’

    Axiom Verge is the sort of retro, independently created game anyone with a heart and an itching for exploration should take note of. Its lone creator, Tom Happ, is a one-man band who developed, scripted, designed and tested the rather fantastic Axiom Verge. For those who aren't aware, Axiom Verge looks and plays like an moody Super Metroid, but has the design and soul of modern game. I managed to get my hands on the PS4 version of Axiom Verge at E3 2014 (which had about two to three hours of gameplay in it) as well a chat with Happ himself. Happ's a...

  • Exclusive: we interview ‘Snailboy’ creators Thoopid

    Cape Town-based mobile gaming developers Thoopid are onto something special with Snailboy. Clearly there's heart and passion behind the project and in this exclusive video, we've interviewed two of the brainy snail-lovers behind Snailboy. Snailboy is a charming little platform/puzzle game with an interesting control scheme and incredible graphics. Truly, the work put behind the presentation of Snailboy is something else. We interviewed Rw Liebenberg and Luqman Achmat, the creative geniuses who, alongside their equally talented team, spun Snailboy into life in under a year. This is their story. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zPvYghEDIyo

  • Interview with the Dev: Franco.Kernel paves the way

    Now, I have interviewed a couple of folks for the ‘Burn already and I have to be honest, I was a lot more familiar with their work than I am with today’s interviewee. I’ve read about Franco’s kernels, heck, I’ve even tried them on my Nexus S, and earlier on my Galaxy Nexus, and they’ve always been good, but there has always been something stopping me from using them full-time. Don’t let my lack of adventurous spirit fool you though, Francisco Franco knows the drill, and his kernel is excellent. In preparation for writing this post I obviously had to flash...

  • Interview with the dev: Crossbones’ custom Nexus OS

    I’ve used Crossbones ROMs on both my Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus and I have to admit, they’re as stable as you’re likely to find. They offer some very useful additions to Google’s stock offering, while also giving you a little more control over your device. If you’re looking for something that looks like stock, but feels and reacts quicker, then this is certainly worth a look. CPU controls and unique notification toggles are two of the most important features to look for in custom ROMs and with an advanced reboot menu, and a few other tweaks, it really is...