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Mobile Phones

  • 2019’s Flagship ‘iPhone 11’ to feature three rear cameras

    The next iPhone flagship will have three cameras at the rear, this according to a report (paywall) by the Wall Street Journal. Apple is planning at least three variants, the report continues, in similar vein to the current lineup of the iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, and iPhone XR in terms of pricing, size and specs. The "iPhone 11" and triple-camera "iPhone 11 Max" as the devices are being informally referred to, will feature OLED screens. While the iPhone XR replacement will stick to LCD. The latter will also be promoted to a dual-rear camera setup. Feature image: Apple

  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 7: teardrop notch, 48MP rear camera for $150

    Just like Honor is a sub-brand to Huawei, Xiaomi's Redmi is now operated independently. And the new brand's first big move is the newly announced Redmi Note 7. The phone shares a number of traits with the early 2019 smartphones we've seen thus far: a large rear camera sensor, a large teardrop-notch screen, and a fairly modest price. To put some numbers to these, there's a 48MP snapper -- the sensor's made by Sony, not Samsung this time around -- alongside a 5MP sensor at the rear for depth info. Up front, the phone's teardrop notch is top and centre of the...

  • Hisense U30 sports punch-hole screen, tasty mid-range specs

    We've heard little from Hisense since the H12 (pictured above) finally arrived in South Africa late last year, but at CES 2019 in Vegas, the company lifted the covers on what could be its next mid-range contender. And it's rather exciting on paper too. Dubbed the Hisense U30, the phone features a 6.3 inch 2340x1080 LCD screen. More interestingly, it also has a punch-hole camera, which houses a 20MP selfie camera. Yes, and that means no notch, just a hole in the screen's top left hand side. At the rear, Hisense employs a 48MP primary camera and a 5MP depth sensor alongside it. Internally,...

  • LG Q9 is a reheated G7 Fit for students

    LG has this week launched a new phone, but it's not a flagship. Instead its a new entry to its Q-series, the LG Q9. The phone is a curious move for the Korean company. Although it's set to debut in the country for US$450, it'll only be available in six months time. Stranger still is the spec sheet, which looks an awful lot like the LG G7 Fit which it launched back in August 2018. The Q9 features a now customary large, fairly dense and notched screen of 6.1 inches with a 3120x1440 resolution. LG also claims it's the brightest in its...

  • These smartphone makers are launching 5G phones in 2019

    Brace yourselves, 5G is set to become as annoying marketing jargon in 2019 as waterdrop notches, AI, and foldable displays are already. But that doesn't mean the tech is DOA. 5G has intrinsic value for consumers, arriving with faster speeds and better call quality among other benefits. But which companies are focusing on the next generation mobile tech? Here are a handful that have announced their intentions to launch a device with 5G capabilities in 2019. OnePlus You're not getting the headphone jack back, OP fans, but OnePlus is planning to launch a phone with 5G support in 2019. According to a report by...

  • 3 smartphone design fads from 2018 we absolutely hated

    We've seen some pretty stupid smartphone fads in 2018. From the obnoxious, to the courageous, to the insane, and the arguably unneeded, we take a look at the year in smartphones from the point of view of a jaded marketing executive. Artificial intelligence Artificial intelligence is great. There's no denying this. It allows apps and phones to recognise flowers and buildings, and spit out highly relevant information. (All this without visiting a single Wikipedia page.) But when a smartphone maker centres its entire marketing programme on this feature, we have to just sit back and shake our heads. For starters, a smart...

  • Nokia 7.1 review: living in its sister’s shadow

    I love surprises. Don't you? When I got the Nokia 7.1 for review -- rather spontaneously an unannounced, I should add -- I was largely expecting the device to disappoint. The Nokia 5.1 did. Its lack of a real strong point made it difficult to care about it, or even mention in important conversations. Earlier this year, I also reviewed the stellar Nokia 7 Plus, a phone which was the complete opposite. It was a breath of fresh air, and cost about the same as the 7.1. It had flagship aspirations, and back then, I called it the best phones of 2018. But,...

  • Samsung Galaxy A8s has a hole in its screen, no audio jack

    Launched today in China, Samsung's Galaxy A8s breaks many a boundary for the Korean manufacturer. For one, it's the company's first phone with the selfie camera cut-out. Instead of a notch or a large top bezel, the 24MP selfie camera is sunk into the top-left portion of the screen itself. This does give it a particularly striking appearance, but you are sacrificing a large chunk of notification space on the 6.4 inch AMOLED LCD screen. Additionally, it's also the first Samsung to kill the headphone jack. Yeah, don't make promises you can't keep, smartphone manufacturers. This decision might be because the phone has...

  • HMD Global debuts the confusingly named Nokia 8.1

    It might be the end of the year, but HMD Global's showing no signs of slowing down. The company on Wednesday announced a new "value flagship" Nokia for Europe: the 8.1. But no, it doesn't replace the Nokia 8, or 8 Sirocco, both actual range-topping flagships. Now, the phone might look familiar to eagle-eyed enthusiasts. The phone itself is a rebranded Nokia X7, which debuted in China earlier this year. It's also referred to as the Nokia Phoenix in press material, but it's effectively a successor to the Nokia 7 Plus, which debuted earlier this year. Naming confusion over, the phone does...

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 leaks hours before announcement

    US silicon maker Qualcomm is currently enjoying Hawaii, but apart from sipping on mai tais, the company execs are also announcing big news. For one, the name and specs of its next chipset. Set for an official announcement later this evening, it seems that some things just can't stay secret in the tech world anymore. German publication WinFuture, which leaked a comprehensive list of specs, confirmed that the chipset will be called the Snapdragon 855. The 7nm-based node will feature a 5G modem and a built-in NPU (for AI, of course). For gamers, the chipset will come with "Snapdragon Elite Gaming optimisations", sport...