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Mobile Phones

  • Alcatel One Touch 990: Budget, but good [Review]

    I can’t recall that I’ve ever heard Alcatel smartphones being mentioned along mobile manufacturer heavyweights such as Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, RIM, Sony, Apple or even Huawei. I can vividly recall however, my first encounter with an Alcatel phone. I remember the frustration and subsequent catharsis I felt as I repeatedly bashed it against my car’s steering wheel shortly before throwing it out the window. That happened a few years ago. Since then, I’ve matured -- I’d like to think I’m less impetuous -- but have Alcatel’s consumer phones? When the One Touch 990 arrived at Gearburn HQ, no one...

  • Samsung denies India the Galaxy Nexus

    The Galaxy Nexus won't be sold in India, with Twitter being the platform Samsung decides to break the bad news on. India seems like a strange country to isolate from Samsung's flagship Android 4.0 smartphone users. One user demanded an answer and Samsung shot back. @TifosoTuli The Galaxy Nexus will not be launched in India. Watch this space for the next big thing!— Samsung India (@Samsung_India) May 2, 2012 "Watch this space for the...

  • Galaxy S III launch video is live

    For those of us who missed it, and for those of us who couldn't stream an HD video, Samsung has kindly placed it's Galaxy S III launch video online. It was a crazy night. A smartphone was launched with the power to bend metal with its very thoughts. The Galaxy S III is so powerful, if can power your househould with a single app. The S III is so fast that simply turning...

  • The Samsung Galaxy S III: The new benchmark?

    Today’s launch event in London saw the end of months of fevered speculation on what Samsung’s next flagship device would bring. As the hype crescendo fades, we take a moment to reflect on what many consider to be the new benchmark for Android phones and possibly, the biggest threat to Apple’s best. Here are the details. The Samsung Galaxy S III has a 4.8-inch Super AMOLED display with a 720p (1280 x 720) resolution. Compared to the S II, the display is 22 percent larger, but the device itself is not much bigger due to a slimmer bezel. The S III has...

  • Samsung Galaxy S III launch event [Live Blog]

    You know what usually drives us into a fever pitch like this? Apple launches. How Samsung has managed to eke this much hype out of a non-Apple device is beyond us. Regardless, the Samsung Mobile Unpacked Event begins at 7pm (UK) and 8pm (South African) time. Tune in with Gearburn and see which Galaxy Samsung plans to explore.

  • Samsung Galaxy Y Pro [Video]

    The Samsung Galaxy Y Pro is a simple "smartphone" aimed at the emerging markets. With a fidgety touchscreen and a BlackBerry style keyboard, can the Samsung Galaxy Y Pro appeal to the lower-end of the smartphone loving spectrum? Fearless Gearburn gadget reporter Michelle Atagana turns up the heat in this video review of Samsung's latest mobile phone. Join us as we take an in-depth look at this phone and see whether we gear it or burn it.

  • Samsung Galaxy Nexus — bow to our Android overlords

    If brilliance is a crime, Samsung's Galaxy Nexus is a mass-murderer. From tip to toe, the Nexus exudes class. It doesn't have the glass and metal knockout combo of the iPhone 4S, rather a plastic shell with a screen which seems to melt into the sides of the phone. At 135g, the Nexus is a heavyweight which is baffling considering the all-plastic exterior. We can chalk this up to the massive battery which lurks inside. Run your finger along the rear of the Nexus and you'll feel the richly dimpled back which curves ever so slightly on the bottom of the phone. The sides are matte black but again, it's...

  • BlackBerry Curve 9320, more of the same with a ‘better keyboard’

    The new BlackBerry Curve 9320 leaves nothing to the imagination. It runs BlackBerry OS 7.1, has the same look of previous Curves but with a "better keyboard" according to a Vietnamese site which has been lucky (can we say lucky when it comes to a BlackBerry?) enough to preview it. The specs are underwhelming at best, so we can guess that this will be a budget phone that slots in at the US$150...

  • Samsung Galaxy S III prototype spotted in the wild with mystery fourth button

    Samsung's Galaxy S III teases are plum out of control. Today, Chinese mobile forum Mobile01 released this candid shot of the Samsung GT-I9300, or commonly known as the testing unit which is supposed to shield the casing of the S III from our prying eyes. The picture proves one thing, that the S III case design (or whatever this phone will be) is far from finalised. Look at the Android 4.0 buttons near the bottom...

  • Oppo pops out world’s thinnest smartphone

    All we have is a single picture to go by, but if a picture is worth a 1000 words, the portrait above screams "I'm a skinny 6.65mm bastard of a phone!" As for details, there are none, just a slim-ass picture of a phone which mimics the look of the mighty iPhone 4S. What we can tell is that it will be an Android device, judging by the familiar layout of buttons on...