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Mobile Phones

  • Does the E72 prove that Nokia needs a giant kick in the ass?

    Nokia, how do you disappoint me? Let me count the ways. You have great hardware: reliable, tough, ergonomically excellent and a robust operating system. But then you ruin it with shortsighted, badly-integrated, buggy software applications and “services”. And then you ruin it even more by compromising engineering and design decisions with your petty internal politics and power struggles. Harsh? Yes. And this is coming from a died-in-the-wool Nokia fan-boy. My first phone was an Ericsson...

  • iPhone 4.0 revealed by US tech blog – Pics

    US technology blog Gizmodo has got its hands on what it believes to be the next iPhone. According to the blog, the iPhone prototype was apparently found "lost in a bar" near Apple's headquarters, camouflaged to look like an iPhone 3GS. The authors of Gizmodo report they were initially sceptical, but after "playing with it for about a week—the overall quality feels exactly like a finished final Apple phone". Disassembling the phone provided further evidence of its authenticity. The site's sources say that Apple is indeed reporting that it has "lost" a prototype and that "they want it back". However there...

  • HTC reveals new range of Android phones

    Global smartphones manufacturer HTC on Friday introduced an enhanced experience of Sense, the company's mobile user interface, that it says will be available on two new smartphones: the Legend and Desire. “At its essence, the mobile phone is the most personal item any person has in their possession. HTC Sense was created to magnify users’ ability to create and define their own unique mobile experience,” says Quinton Leigh, managing director of Leaf International Communications. “HTC Legend and HTC Desire take Android to another level in both substance with HTC Sense and style with HTC Legend’s revolutionary crafted aluminum uni-body...

  • Smart phone made me feel stupid

    I have a friend who claims that her teenage son is an internet addict. She claims that this behaviour is damaging because the "excessive amount of time he spends on the web is interfering with his daily life". If I ever met this kid, I would hand him the Nokia E72 and tell them to set up a support group. There are many things I want to say about this phone, but my...

  • The HTC Tattoo and my teenage crush

    Remember that crush from high school, the one you wanted so badly that your heart literally ached? Remember the perfect life that you envisioned for the two of you together? But then you grew up, got a real education and a real job and settled down with a sensible partner for a sensible life. Now imagine that your high-school dreamboat calls you up out of the blue, tells you that he/she is single...

  • Rumour: ‘SA #3 in line for 3G iPhone’

    Ok, one thing we should expect for a while are plenty rumours over local release dates for the iPhone. I don't think Vodacom actually know when they are getting the phone and I am sure they are at the whim of Apple. And Apple would never ever change the goalposts from time to time, would they? I've been privy to information from a senior birdy at Vodacom that we are apparently in number...

  • HTC Touch “IPhone killer”: Nice, but no big deal

    I say this, because this new phone isn't a particularly dramatic departure in mobile phone development. The HTC Touch phone is still built on Windows Mobile 6, so it's not a new operating system, but rather a kind of souped-up windows skin. In fact you can very clearly still see the Windows Mobile 6 header and footer on the HTC Touch interface. So, as beautiful as the new Touch phone looks, I...