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  • Elliptic Labs design touchless gestures for Windows 8

    Elliptic Labs has expanded its Touchless Gesture technology to function with Microsoft's new Windows 8 OS. This development mirrors a similar project in which the company's ultrasound technology was integrated into the iPad. Elliptic Labs uses "sound waves and microphones to detect movement, the same way that radars detect objects". The technology has not been integrated into every aspect of the OS , but has been fully enabled to support the majority of gesture commands in the Windows 8 Live Tile Menu. Different gestures include: users being able to select specific apps and bringing up the charms and application menus. Scrolling...

  • Huawei’s Windows Phone 8 powered W1 will showcase at CES 2013

    Huawei has been a little slow to the Windows Phone 8 party. It has finally set a date to unveil its Ascend W1 smartphone at CES 2013 in Las Vegas from 8 to 11 January, according to Unwired View. The three day conference boasts the title of the largest app event in the world and is an opportunity for developers to showcase their latest products. This is not the first time that the Ascend W1 has made an appearance, as phone spoiler specialists EV Leaks released images of the smartphone in mid October. From then on rumors...

  • iPhone 5S, already? [Rumour]

    The iPhone 5 has been on sale for a scant two months and rumours are floating around on the web that Apple is working on a new iPhone 5S, set for release middle of next year. According to DigiTimes (a sometimes unreliable source of rumours), the certification process for materials and parts have been accelerated after production problems with the 5. Yet there could be some value to this rumour if the...

  • ASUS release first Windows 8 gaming laptop and the name’s a mouthful

    According to Asia One, ASUS is set to unveil its latest Windows 8 enabled gaming laptop, the G55VW-S1216H. Yes, quite the mouthful. This laptop is the first of its kind to feature the new Windows 8 OS. ASUS is looking to challenge the notion that Windows 8's touch-centric functionality is not fully optimised for a high paced gaming experience. This latest offering from ASUS is essentially a revamp of its Windows 7 version. That does not make it an inferior product however, ASUS has crammed plenty of tech into the G55VW-S1216H. It features an Intel Core i7...