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  • Nintendo wants raids, arrests and IP blocking for its ‘rampant piracy’ issues

    Nintendo's recent financial tumbles, such as US$15-million in losses during Q3 2013, aren't being helped by piracy, which the 100-year old company says is both "extremely challenging" for them as it incurs "huge losses" in profit. To this end, Nintendo plans to block and convict pirates sharing its legendary game like Super Mario, Metroid and The Legend of Zelda. According to Torrentfreak, copyright holders (in this case, Nintendo) are allowed to submit a list of anti-piracy issues to the US Trade Representatives and outline the steps it wishes to take against the offenders. In Nintendo's case, it's to track...

  • Nintendo detailed: DS games coming to Wii U, Mario Cart 8 date, health tech

    In a recent press briefing, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata shared the company's latest revenue earnings and gave us an idea at what the future might hold for the somewhat struggling Japanese gaming company. A lot of things got announced recently. First and foremost, as reported by Wall Street Journal, Nintendo DS games are making their way to the Wii U's virtual console. This means that certain classic titles to be playable on the Wii U Gamepad. Nintendo is keeping its games away from the mobile sphere but said that it wants to expand its Nintendo Network ID to smart...

  • Big fun, little price: Wii Mini goes on sale in US for $100

    Nintendo hasn't had the greatest sales in Europe and Japan over the last year or so. Despite this, there is a US$100 Wii Mini going on sale in the US some time in November which promises big fun at a little price. The Wii Mini has been Canada-exclusive since December last year and is seen as a simple but fun little box of entertainment. It then made its way to Europe and the UK in March. According to Joystick, "Nintendo sold 35 700 units in Canada across its first two months on store shelves." The compact system is matte black with...

  • Nintendo’s 2DS is a flat, 3D-free handheld for youths

    Youths, says Nintendo, is who the new 3D-less 2DS is aimed at. Ages seven and up apparently. Announced earlier today, the all new, US$129 (R1300) Nintendo 2DS was announced and launches 12 October, the same day as Pokemon X and Y, as IGN points out. Now, opinions are meant to be reserved in a news story, but it's hard to hold back on this silly piece of tech. Here's why the Nintendo 2DS is the biggest mistake of the year, for Nintendo. 1. It has all the features of the 3DS, but it's flat and isn't 3D "Imagine a standard 3DS...

  • Wii U takes a dive as dismal sales figures revealed for Q1 2013

    The Nintendo Wii U has recorded less than stellar sales for its first quarter of 2013. Actually, dismal is a better word. According to Gamasutra, a source at the NPD Group reveals sales figures for the Wii U was well under 100 000 units, and more likely in the region of only 45 000 to 59 000 units for January. There could be various reasons for this, but the lack of big game titles is one of the more prevailing factors. Apart from titles like Black Ops 2, Just Dance 4, New Super Mario Bros. U and maybe one or two...

  • Nintendo’s master plan: mashup departments to create next-gen hardware

    Nintendo's 3DS and Wii U consoles had a steady 2012, and the Wii U has performed better than expected although not quite as well as its predecessor. That is obviously something that Nintendo would like to change, and the latest news is that the Japanese company intends to unify the various departments in its company to produce the next generation of consoles and devices, even touching on the mobile arena of smartphones...

  • Why the Wii U is the best console of 2012

    This past year has been pretty barren in terms of consoles hitting the market. Sony released yet another PS3 that went on a diet and the PS Vita has only succeeded in segmenting the company's handheld market share. Microsoft opted to shift its attention to redesigning the user interface and media services of Xbox, in an attempt to increase the cross-platform appeal of Windows 8. It therefore fell to Nintendo to give the public a well needed "junk-punch", and that's why the Wii U is our pick for console of the year. The reason stretches far further than the Wii...

  • Wii U gets second system update, offers ‘further improvements’

    Today, Nintendo’s Wii U gets its second system update since launch. This is update 2.1.0 U. What’s the update for? "Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience.” says Nintendo.

  • Wii Mini revealed ‘accidentally’ on Best Buy website

    God, no. What is this? Update: Best Buy has just confirmed it. The Wii Mini is US$99 and is the ugly stepsister of consoles. "Big Fun, for a Mini Price" says Nintendo. We say, "old system, ugly shape". But for under US$100 it's a decent starter console with a great selection of first-party titles. There's a manual release top loading system, last seen on the PS2 Slim. The Wii Mini comes with one red MotionPlus Nunchuck controller, the sensor bar and not even a single goddamn game. Disgustingly, this will be an internet free console and Gamecube titles will not be...

  • Nintendo TVii set for 8 December launch in Japan, Europe and US to wait until 2013

    Nintendo unveiled its new Wii U console to the American public on 18 November, the reception was strong with the company reporting an estimated 400 000 units sold during its first week. The console is now set to make its debut in Japan 8 December. The Wii U's Japanese release will also see the inclusion of the heavily toted TVii feature. This includes the IR Remote functionality which is only accessible if users cough up a little over US$1. This multimedia viewing functionality is one of the key areas that Nintendo has looked into as a way to gain an edge...