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  • The Nokia Lumia 1520 is a 6″ beast and here’s a picture of it

    Nokia's dead right? A forgotten company eaten by the giant Microsoft machine. No, as Microsoft quietly digests Nokia, phones like this, the massive Nokia 1520, leak out of the digital orifices. EVleaks pulled this sneaky shot from the nether and posted it to twitter. Nokia Lumia 1520, 2013 pic.twitter.com/asZhT2YVsH— @evleaks (@evleaks) September 6, 2013 Here's a closeup: Now let's tell you about this phone with a 6-inch display and we reported on it ages ago. The Lumia 1520 was originally called "the bandit" but that's a damn stupid name, 1520 is much better. It sounds enormous. And it is. The 6" display...

  • From smartphone to smart car: Nokia launches HERE Auto

    Nokia's latest ambition? That would be to be the companion on your dashboard. The Finnish mobile giant announced today that its HERE navigation system is moving beyond your smart device and into your car with an embedded system called HERE Auto. Targeted at car makers and the manufacturers of in-vehicle systems, HERE Auto is aiming to be the bridge between your devices by allowing you to sync information from your computer or...

  • Nokia’s Lumia 1520 ‘Bandit’ 6-inch giant reportedly leaked

    If you've read our review of the Nokia Lumia 920 you'll know it's incredibly chunky. You should also know by now that Nokia isn't scared of announcing fat screen smartphones like the 4.7-inch Lumia 625. Today, the Nokia 1520 which is also known as Nokia's Bandit phablet, has allegedly been photographed -- and it's all kinds of big. Nokia Bandit = Lumia 1520— @evleaks (@evleaks) August 27, 2013 Not only does it have a ridiculously scraping-by-tablet-territory sized display, it's also expected to have impressive high-end specs which is something the Lumia 625 lacks. According to Windows Phone Central, it will host...

  • Rumoured Nokia 10.1″ Windows RT tablet is all sorts of wrong

    We didn't like the Surface RT, it's one of the worst mistakes ever made by Microsoft outside of the Zune. It even cost it US$900-million in losses. So why Nokia wants to make a Windows RT tablet, its first official tablet to boot, is a mystery for us. Let's then hope that this rumour, from Digi-Wo stays that way. The report is translated from Chinese, but despite the language barrier, there's no denying the specs. What we have here is a 10.1-inch tablet that will have a 2.1Ghz CPU, a 1080p display with "5-point touch screen body", 32GB storage and...

  • Nokia’s Lumia 1020: a great camera, but is that enough?

    In New York, Nokia’s just launched the Lumia 1020, a massive phone with a 4.5-inch display and a crazy 41-megapixel sensor. It could be Nokia’s most ambitious phone yet, but do you still really care about gimmicky features that you’ll only use every so often? Nokia’s making a play with some serious imaging hardware, but will this be a phone for the everyday user? We posted the specs and hardware earlier, so it’s up to Nokia to wow us with a few surprises at least. Here’s what the Nokia Lumia 1020 is all about: “200 years ago, photography was born,” began...

  • Watch Nokia’s Lumia 1020 unveiling live now

    As we speak, Nokia is unveiling the Lumia 1020, its latest smartphone play. The device, which has been extensively leaked comes with a 41MP camera and will be available in black, white and yellow. The details which are expected to be announced at Nokia’s ‘Zoom, reinvented’ press event in New York include that the phone has a 4.5-inch AMOLED display, 2GB of RAM, 32GB of onboard storage and an additional wide angled lens on the front-facing camera. Want to know more? Watch the livestream over on the Nokia site.

  • The first Windows Phone with a 41MP camera: Nokia 1020 press pics leak

    Update: Indian tech site Puhelinvertailu has wrangled the leaked spec sheet. We’ve embedded it below. It seems that Nokia just can't keep a secret. From the screen shots and low light test photos to the full specs and the shaky video of the camera, we've been given quite a lot of information on a phone Nokia is only officially launching later today. Windows Phone manager Joe Belfiore was even kind enough to inadvertently confirm that the device will be called the Lumia 1020, by posting photos taken with the phone to his Flickr account. But now there's more: The Verge has...

  • We get closeup with new leaked Nokia Lumia 1020 pic

    A few weeks ago we reported some of the leaks and pics of the Lumia 1020. Today though we got a closer look at the Windows 8 phone. This together with the expected 41-megapixel Pureview camera, Nokia's "reinvented zoom" and the new Amber update will wet your tech appetite before we get more details confirmed for 11 July. We also heard that its going to have a Pro Cam app. @Evleak is popularly known for its leaked images of handsets and the like-- and so far has a decent track record. This time round we got a glimpse of what...

  • Nokia 207, 208 are its best budget 3G phones yet

    Nokia does a lot to upset us, such as releasing brick shaped Lumia’s into the wild. It also does a lot to make us feel alright with the world, such as releasing the 3G-powered Nokia 207 and Nokia 208 in dual and single-sim flavors (the phones now support micro-SIM only). The phones will cost roughly US$68, will come in red, cyan, white, black and will ship Q3 2013. Nokia’s calling the 207 and 208 contemporary designs for its classic "candybar” range of phones. These are ultra-cheap phones with a 3G kick and for many, this will be their first 3G-enabled...

  • Lumia 920 review: It’s big, it’s really big, but oh so sexy

    Turns out if you say "I haven't used a Windows Phone" loud enough someone will send you one. While floating about in my quasi-world of "I know everything imaginable because my iPhone is awesome" a giant Nokia Lumia 920 landed on my lap. I can't stress this enough -- this phone is big. I am not sure what Nokia was trying to do here -- take us back to the old days where phones were as big as a person's head? Design: it’s all kinds of beautiful Getting away from my size issues for a moment, the Lumia is a breath of...