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  • Motorola Xoom 2: the anti-iPad

    As soon as the delivery man arrived in the ‘burn offices, I knew we were in for trouble. His demeanour suggested we were to be in possession of something dark and edgy for the next two weeks. We all stared as our hirsute Gearburn editor opened the package. He stared at it for a moment, looked around the room and walked slowly over to me. “Here you go Stu, you like tablets,” he said, in much the same tone as I imagine a judge might when condemning a man to death. It was the Motorola Xoom 2. “Sequels are...

  • Aspire Timeline U review [Video]

    Ultrabooks are a contentious gadget. Labelled by Intel as the next big thing, the Ultrabook is nothing short of being the laptop to lust after. Does the Aspire Timeline U fit into this mold? Can it compete with the lightening-fast, ultra-sexy laptops offered by Apple? Does it have the chops to deal with the loving knocks and blows team Gear throws at it? Let's delve into the video and see if the Aspire Timeline U has what it takes to succeed in a tech world filled with needless titles.

  • Fujifilm Finepix S4200: Super or not?

    It was just earlier this year that Fujifilm launched its new S-series high-end bridge cameras, but it didn't seem to have hit many stores in SA yet. What is quite refreshing is that the retail stores selling the Fujifilm cameras was quite in the know about the new range, so at least Fuji is doing a good job marketing its cameras. The S-series (the S most likely an abbreviation for “super”) consists of 4 cameras of which the S4200 landed at the Gearburn office to be reviewed. It is replacing the S4000 which sold for around R2700 so my...

  • Meet Luna — light at your fingertips

    Ever walked into a bar and lamented the fact that you couldn't go to the nearest girl and say, 'hey baby, wanna come back to my place and check out my backlit keyboard?' Well now you can -- with the Luna from Moshi (SPOILER ALERT: don't use your keyboard as a pickup line, even if you do own the Luna from Moshi). Specialising in high-end Apple accessories, Moshi's range focuses on style -- it's not just a gadget, it's a lifestyle. Fortunately this electronic accessory just so happens to function pretty darn well too.  Word processing, designing, gaming, number crunching --...

  • Angry Birds creators new game Amazing Alex is forgettable fun

    The crack-like addiction of Angry Birds isn't really matched by Rovio's latest time-waster, Amazing Alex, but the game's worth a few wasted hours, here and there. First off, it's a game we've played a hundred times before. Cheekily, Rovio took iOS game Casey’s Contraptions and polished it up with a 2012 sheen. The aforementioned game has now been removed from the app store, to make way for Amazing Alex. If we dig back into the 90s, we'd find that Amazing Alex directly cribs The Incredible Machine series to a tee. Onto the review. Like Cut the Rope, Amazing Alex takes place in a makeshift environment. This time, some kid's filthy home....

  • Acer Aspire M3 Ultrabook – the middle child of laptops

    A little over a week ago I was given the Acer Aspire Timeline U M3 (581T) to put through its paces. The good-looking, 15-inch “ultrabook” is Acer’s first proper foray into the ‘ultra’ arena and, unlike many of its competitors, it’s not a straight clone of the MacBook Air. It boasts stylish design, a compact body, great start-up times, good battery life and a few more specs that set it apart from the pack. Read on for the full breakdown. Construction and Feel Laid bare, for the world to see, the M3 Ultra is a great looking machine. The unassuming matt...

  • Reviewed: Sony Xperia Sola — mid-range onslaught

    There was much speculation about Sony’s survival in the cellphone market after losing its Ericsson connection, but it's come up with an excellent range of phones to make their own mark. The Xperia Sola comes as an added option in the mid-range Android market in order for Sony to strengthen its onslaught. What you see The phone is somewhat smaller than the Xperia S and, weighing in at 107 grams, fits nicely into the hand and has a good solid feel. The matte finished plastic backing helps to hide fingerprints and will also make scratching less visible. The translucent band of the Xperia U,...

  • Reviewed: Quantum Conundrum

    It’s been a frustrating week. Kate and Tom are getting divorced, Prometheus was only so-so, and my car broke down. But none of those experiences even came close to the frustration of playing Quantum Conundrum (QC), and I love Kate and Tom. It's not that QC is a bad game, quite the contrary: it's a good game -- ‘good’: that pesky word that wishes it was ‘great’or ‘brilliant’ but lacks punch and syllables. Hell, perhaps QC would even settle for ‘bad’ -- surely it’s better to be remembered as terrible rather than just plain old boring ‘good’? What is most puzzling...

  • Reviewed: InFocus Mondopad — cooler than a refrigerator

    Tired of getting up for the "red eye"? Sick of flying to London as your luggage heads off to Kazakhstan or being frisked by uniformed strangers of questionable intent? If the fear of DVT (deep vein thrombosis) has driven you to buy a couple of pairs of pressure socks, then you need to stay at the office more. Think video conference! Thankfully, InFocus has recently launched their own version of a tablet. Unlike the fruit producers of thin, slim, hip and trendy, the Monopod is a big, bright piece of eye candy. It's an interactive boardroom touchscreen that brings multi-touch capabilities to video...

  • Reviewed: Logitech Keyboard for iPad [Video]

    We had a lot of fun with this gadget. Logitech's Keyboard for the iPad is a sturdy, handy piece of tech which neatly gels with Apple's laser-honed aesthetics. From a keyboard which all but mimics the design of the Macbook's, to a near month-long battery life, Logitech's Keyboard is a must-have, drool-worthy device. We've come across a few killer keyboards in our time but none that, as much as we loathe the word, are as "sexy" as this one. We put it through the wringer, squeeze the goodness from it and assess its worth. Join us on this video...