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  • Waze: the app that saves you from traffic and fines [Review]

    Let’s be honest: I drive a car. I hate traffic. I get lost a lot. So when I heard there was an app that combined GPS navigation with traffic updates, it was installed on my phone within the hour. I was willing to try anything. Fortunately, as it turned out, Waze is actually pretty darn good. What is Waze? Waze is an app for iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Symbian -- basically, pretty much everyone with a GPS function on their mobile device. It maps your routes automatically as you drive and sends information about your speed to other Wazers....

  • The new iPad — more of the same, twice as tasty [Review]

    With little other than a display revamp, the new iPad is a little brighter, crisper and heavier. But is it equally as loveable? Retina Display is king If you're an existing owner of iPad or iPad 2, you'll certainly notice the difference between versions. Text and images are both clearer thanks to the 2048x1536 Retina Display which is four times the number of pixels than previous iPad models. Other hardware upgrades includes the back camera which has been bumped to 5-megapixal and renamed the iSight. The front-facing camera, however, remains frustratingly low-res. The back camera also shoots in 1080p for...

  • BlackBerry Curve 9380: Death by touch screen [Review]

    When the BlackBerry Curve 9380 arrived, it sat quietly on my desk for about five minutes, just looking beautiful. The soft light from the nearby window hit its silver edging and the screen in a way that made it look like it was gently glowing. I think this, along with its sleek curves and menus that transitioned seamlessly as I happily swished around on the touch screen, induced a stupor that convinced me to say something along the lines of “I’m never giving this phone back”. An hour later, I was contemplating what a satisfying sound it would make...

  • BlackBerry PlayBook tablet OS 2.0 review

    BlackBerry fans, rejoice. Your reason for believing in the beleaguered Canadian manufacturer is here. The PlayBook was throwaway nonsense, an expensively wrapped tablet with a broken OS irritatingly tied to a smartphone. OS 2.0 breaks the shackles and allows the tablet to stand on its own. BlackBerry has opened my eyes to one of the best tablets on the market, one that now I hold in a higher regard than the iPad 2, thanks to the refurbished OS. Let’s see why. Messaging powerhouse It’s a BlackBerry, so there’s no reason that the messaging function shouldn’t be both powerful and immensely useable....

  • App of the Week — PressReader

    This week, we look at PressReader, a dandy little offline newspaper reader available not only for iPhone, but practically every platform under the sun. For my purposes, I tested it first on the iPhone, then the iPad. Despite the blisteringly clear screen of the iPhone 4S, magazine content seems trapped on the tiny screen. On the iPad however, the app opens up the user to a world of offline and online content. Let's get into into. The every-man eReader The issue of reading magazines on any digital format is that the scanned in pages rarely take advantage of the medium they reside...

  • Review — Parrot Minikit+

    The Parrot Minikit+ is the Bluetooth, hands-free kit you've always wanted, but never knew you needed. Confused? So am I. Talking on your mobile while driving is illegal in some countries, so it makes a modicum of sense to employ a hands-free kit. Some use the voice-free option on their phones, shouting loudly into a tiny speaker as they drive. Other less fashionable drivers use the headphones which come standard with their mobile. But I roll with a different, tech-infused crowd and prefer to embrace the future, yo. Parrot style The look and feel of the Minikit+ is stellar. The device is...

  • Logitech Ultimate Ears headset: crisp sound, dire bass

    Sound is a precious commodity. It’s practically taken for granted by many users. But not by me. I’ve learned to loathe the default iPhone headset which pipes sub-standard sound through my laptop. Enter Logitech’s Ultimate Ears 350vm headset, exit crappy iPhone earphones. Designed to please Baby-soft silicone ear cushions hug my ear canal. Tangle-free cords hang lifelessly on my neck. The on-cord microphone functions adequately as I Skype my family. Not once did I have to adjust the UE headset for maximum comfort. It was always set to "maximum". Headset comfort is a prime objective. If at any point I feel the headset...

  • Samsung HT-D5300 3D Blu-ray Home Theatre – It’s great

    So your friends told you, and the salesman in the shop convinced you, that you must have a 3D full-HD LED TV. So you set off for home with the new TV on the back seat, rush to set it up and connect your trusty DVD player, ready to watch your movies like you’ve never seen them before.  But, as the first DVD starts playing you feel somewhat cheated: the image is just not what you saw in the shops. Reality check -- those beautiful 46-inch full-HD LED TV’s in the shops are most likely connected to a Blu-Ray...

  • Video review — Logitech Wireless Touchpad

    Are you in the mood for another input device? Perhaps the best one yet, according to fervent Gearburn reporter, Steven Norris. The Logitech Wireless Touchpad is more than a replacement for the mouse, it's the answer to many nagging issues with the mouse has imposed on users over the years. It's ambidextrous, clean, smooth and highly responsive. Can the Logitech Wireless Touchpad evolve user input in ways once thought unimaginable, or is it simply yet another fancy peripheral with nothing to offer the world? View the video and discover the answer for yourself.

  • Galaxy Y Pro review: A galaxy far too disappointing

    Before you even begin reading this just understand that I am a big fan of Samsung and the Galaxy range. I think the Samsung/Google marriage is one of the best tech partnerships in a while. So understand that as you read this. Samsung has done a pretty good job with its Galaxy range so far. Recently the Galaxy SII won best smartphone at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. With accolades like that, we expect a certain standard for a phone in this range. Good, I am glad you agreed with me on that point. I think the Y Pro was...