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  • Remote-control your vehicle like a toy… with your smartphone! [Sponsored]

    Many of us think that autonomous (driverless) vehicles controlled remotely are hi-tech innovations that are pretty far from our everyday driving. But recent testing on autonomous cars using smartphones as remote control units have shown that the driverless technology can become a part of our driving experience tomorrow. How? Tirendo explains how autonomous car technologies can become handy on the example of Jaguar Land Rover. A car that can park itself Parking often becomes the most tedious part of driving for many car owners. Sometimes, you find your car ‘"locked" from all sides so you cannot even get into the car. Getting out...

  • Is SA ready for the new world of work? [SPONSORED]

    The days of landing a job and staying in a company until retirement are gone. Indeed, for the new workforce, this old-fashioned approach holds little reality, writes Jane Steinacker. Last year, Millenials (roughly defined as those born from the early 1980s) became the largest generation in the workforce. This, says Lee Naik, MD of Accenture Digital, is significant for two reasons. "First, because Millennials will soon become the predominant source of human capital, and, second, because businesses stand to benefit greatly from the technology acumen and talent this generation (also known as 'digital natives') possesses." The greatest workplace disruptor, digital transformation, is changing not just the way...

  • What innovation really means for business [SPONSORED]

    Innovation, like any good words appropriated too many times for too many purposes, has become something of a cliché, says Adam Oxford of htxt.africa, a company looking to claim back the word by inspiring action. We might understand innovation better “if we could define it a little more clearly”, says Oxford, htxt.africa’s editor in chief. That’s easier said than done, but one simple definition comes from WeThinkCode’s Camille Agon, who believes "innovation is finding solutions to problems". WeThinkCode is a new peer-to- peer tech institution that opened in South Africa in 2016. It aims to identify and train people between the ages of 17 and 35...

  • The definitive load shedding survival manual

    Are you prepared for the coming darkness? Many South Africans are no strangers to load shedding, but many are still found wanting when Eskom flips the switch. Might be, most of us deep inside still think it won’t happen. The reality is that power cuts are not likely to stop anytime soon. It’s time to take some initiative, gear up and make the best of the situation. Tap into your inner creative and make sure power outages don’t affect your productivity. We have looked high and low and put together your very own load shedding survival manual. Preparation If I had six hours...

  • 5 reasons why the gold Samsung Galaxy S6 should be your pocket pal [SPONSORED]

    Samsung South Africa and Vodacom have ushered in a new era of mobile communication with the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Alongside the device's stellar specifications that will look to compete at the very top of the smartphone market, the smartphones also introduces a first for South African consumers -- VoLTE, or voice over LTE. While this is especially exciting, the Samsung Galaxy S6 series is revolutionary in other ways too. The device will look to bolster Samsung's already strong public image and sales figures in South Africa, and with its all-new metal and glass design, it's easy to...

  • 3 potentially groundbreaking advances we could see in tech this year [Sponsored]

    In collaboration with Toshiba Technology is advancing at a seemingly alarming rate and it can be tough to keep up with all the latest developments. It seems that what was up to date just a few months ago is no longer even close to being current. As such, looking forward beyond 2014 is incredibly exciting as far as technological advancements go. People are calling this the ‘age of technology’ and soon we could be living in the kind of ‘future’ we were all watching in sci-fi movies just a few short years ago. Companies like Apple, Samsung, Google, LG and Toshiba are...