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  • New Apple TV unveiled at launch event

    Apple has just unveiled a brand new iteration of Apple TV at its launch event San Francisco. The Cupertino-based tech giant claims the device allows you stream movies from iCloud at a full 1080p. The user interface is a lot closer to that of iOS and people will also have a whole range of new third-part apps to play with. This supposedly includes access to Photostream alongside such stalwarts as Netflix, Flickr, and YouTube. At the event, Apple CEO Tim Cook said the product would ship next week and retail for around US$99. “People are going to love streaming movies and TV...

  • Samsung promises ‘future proof’ Smart TVs

    South Korean electronics giant Samsung has upgraded its Smart TV range. The upgrades were announced at CES international 2012, Samsung promises "smarter interaction, smart content and smart evolution," or simply put, a better TV. The shiny new additions to Samsung’s Smart TV range include: Remote free options Much like Microsoft’s ultra-successful Kinect, Samsung now wants its TVs to respond to human gestures, face recognition and voice control. The newer TVs will come standard with dual-microphones...

  • Bravias ‘not being recalled’ says Sony

    Sony was quick to negate reports that its popular line of Bravia LCD TVs was being recalled due to safety issues. Over 1.6-million Bravia's were thought to be affected. Instead of owning up to any technical error, however, Sony has decided on a free TV inspection program on selected models. When contacted, Bravia stressed that there was most definitely no recall. UK PR manager for Sony, David Edwards said, "The issue came to...

  • Review: Samsung PS51D550 is a great TV and 3D is rubbish

    Spend any time with Samsung's latest plasma beast and you will be convinced of two things. First: plasma is far, far superior to LCD or LED in any way but for sheer nuclear brightness. Second: 3D TV is a crock best consigned to bleeding-edgers and those who've not yet spent any time with it. And maybe a third thing -- when did the bloody TV become the home theatre hub? This is a TV to write home about -- it's great size seems imposing in a modest lounge at first, but once you go big it's really hard to go...

  • The Samsung SMART TV: Let’s talk tech

    My previous sentiments towards the aptly dubbed "idiot box" were ones of apathy. This stigma has been around for decades, stemming from our manner of interaction. When dealing with a PC, you address the computer and dialogue begins. You ask for a task, it performs a function, and the dance continues. In the case of the television, you are sunk into your couch and dragged through the experience as a mere third person spectator. Samsung has somehow found a harmonious amalgam between the two with its SMART TV. The interaction Samsung has an ideology that exceeds the confines of...

  • Samsung SMART TV D8000: How awesome is this TV?

    I enjoy paying tribute to the most influential piece of technology in my life, the TV. It’s always been there for me, my television. The fuzzy, nostalgic feeling when I think back to my childhood, the memories of grainy images and needing to adjust the bunny ears just so. It is with a little sadness that I say that those days are long gone – obliterated by a new era of crystal clear imagery and absolute TV awesomeness. Yes! TVs are now just too brilliant to describe. And the height of all-round viewing technology is front and centre in...

  • 48 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute

    YouTube said Wednesday that 48 hours of video are being uploaded to the video-sharing site every minute, up from 35 hours per minute at the end of last year. The Google-owned site, which was founded in May 2005, also said it was attracting a staggering three billion views a day, a 50-percent increase over last year. "That's the equivalent of nearly half the world's population watching a YouTube video each day, or every US resident watching at least nine videos a day," YouTube said in a blog post. YouTube said the footage upload rate had grown from eight hours per minute in...