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  • Watch: Could Fragi possibly build an Earthshatter any quicker?

    A talented Finland team booked its place alongside a rampant South Korea at the Overwatch World Cup finals at this weekend's first qualifying round, but they did so in incredible style. Although they narrowly lost to their Asian rivals in a zinger of a match, they practically stamped all over Chinese Taipei in an exhibition of intelligent and extremely aggressive Reinhart play. Speaking of which, Joona "Fragi" Laine took up his signature role for Finland, wielding the angry hammer-swinging German. But his highlight came just 17 seconds into the match. Opening on Nepal's Village, and some 12 seconds before the Control Point...

  • Listen: Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 8 Plus live music comparison

    A live gig is one of the most unpredictable tests for any smartphone, owing to the cacophony of noise and lack of controlled conditions. Still, if you're into live recordings and want a phone that'll do a decent job, which device should you get? LG's phones are fantastic on paper, but the V30+ review unit hasn't arrived yet. But what we do have is our Galaxy S8 (review) seed unit and the iPhone 8 Plus review unit. So how do they compare in the audio department? We took them to a recent Alien Ant Farm gig, recording side-by-side. It must also be...

  • Watch: all the PSVR trailers from Paris Games Week

    We've already covered some of the big-hitting PS4 titles coming out of Paris Games Week, but what about PSVR? Well, the headset needn't gather dust for much longer, as we saw quite a few PSVR titles being announced or shown off. Check them out below.

  • Watch: all the new PlayStation reveals from Paris Games Week

    Paris Games Week has kicked off and, while it's not as massive as E3 and the like, it still plays host to some noteworthy reveals and trailers. Sony used the event to reveal a few new games, such as Spelunky 2 (coming first to PlayStation and PC) and Ghost of Tsushima. Check them out below.

  • Take a look at our final XZ Premium slow-mo montage

    Our Sony Xperia XZ Premium review has finally gone live, and we're pretty happy with the flagship. There's the powerful Snapdragon 835 processor, a capable 19-megapixel main camera and water-resistant design. The phone's biggest selling point is the super slow-motion though, making for some crazy footage when you get it right. We wouldn't recommend you buy the phone solely for this reason (owing to technical hurdles), but this slow-mo montage is pretty lovely nonetheless. Check out the video below:

  • Sony Xperia XZ Premium: check these 960fps slow motion samples

    The Sony Xperia XZ Premium packs a ton of high-end features into its frame, such as that 19MP main camera, a ridiculous 4K HDR display and that blazing fast Snapdragon 835 processor. But the phone's standout feature might be its slow motion though. You see, the Xperia XZ Premium sets a new standard for slow-mo recording, coming in at 960 frames per second (fps) at 720p. Meanwhile, the current standard bearers (the iPhone and Galaxy range) top out at 240fps at 720p. So Sony's handset is four times slower, in that sense. The caveat is that Sony's phone can't record at...

  • Microsoft rebrands Beam to Mixer, introduces cooperative game streaming

    When Microsoft bought game streaming service Beam back in August 2016, many people were wondering just what the company was planning to do. Back then, Beam allowed viewers of a stream to interact with the streamed game. It was a great idea, and took advantage of the hype created by Twitch Plays Pokemon and the like. Today though, through Microsoft's guidance, Beam has announced a complete rebrand and direction for the streaming service. Now called Mixer, the service keeps much of its popular features and adds a slew more. "Today marks a big evolution of our interactive live-streaming platform and a new name...

  • Watch: the history of the bow and arrow in gaming

    I quite like Stuart 'Xbox Ahoy' Brown's gaming videos on YouTube, producing some slick, well-researched clips on a number of subjects. His weapon videos in particular, covering iconic arms in games, are definitely worth watching. Brown has already covered the Desert Eagle, Tommy Gun, M16 and AK-47, to name a few standout weapons. But his next video is a relatively lengthy one at 20 minutes, covering the humble bow and arrow. From Turok: Dinosaur Hunter and Age of Empires to Far Cry Primal and Tomb Raider, Brown does a fantastic job as usual. Check the video out below.

  • E3 2016 is torn a new one by this hilarious, scathing video review

    Perhaps we're bucking the trend a bit, but we quite liked E3 2016. Apart from EA's conference, the others were laden with gameplay footage from some great looking games. Horizon Zero Dawn, Dishonored 2, Steep, and the new Legend of Zelda were just four from a great few, but not everyone feels this way. YouTuber Kilian Experience is one of them. Slating this year's E3 as "shit", he runs through each conference and highlights the underlying hilarity of each. "Another Year another E3," he notes on his video description. "I thought E3 2016 was bad. Not a lot of new games...

  • Watch Hadlee talk Google I/O 2016 on SABC’s Expresso Show

    Last week saw Google make plenty of announcements at its I/O developer conference, ranging from a concerted VR push to a WhatsApp competitor in the form of Allo. But if you were out of the loop, SABC 3's Expresso TV show was on-hand to bring you up to speed, interviewing our very own Hadlee Simons to nail down the most important news. The segment covered Allo, Daydream VR, Android N and the Google Home smart speaker. Have a watch below.