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  • Samsung Galaxy S III launch event [Live Blog]

    You know what usually drives us into a fever pitch like this? Apple launches. How Samsung has managed to eke this much hype out of a non-Apple device is beyond us. Regardless, the Samsung Mobile Unpacked Event begins at 7pm (UK) and 8pm (South African) time. Tune in with Gearburn and see which Galaxy Samsung plans to explore.

  • Nokia’s PureView 808 41Mpx phone launches first in Russia, India

    The PureView 808, Nokia's 41-megapixel snapper plans to launch this month in India and Russia. Nokia mentions "select markets" but outside of Russia and India, no other country is mentioned. For the uninitiated, the PureView 808 is all about it's high-def camera. The 41-megapixel sensor, combined with the Carl Zeiss lens and "pixel oversampling technology" equals shots like these. Also, full-HD 1080p recording. With the Nokia Belle OS on-board, don't expect a revolution in terms of interface. This is a cameraphone first, smartphone second. The 1.3Ghz CPU will at the very least, keep the phone running smoothly. More statistics are here. Geek out with this...

  • 4 awesome sports games for iOS

    Sports games have always been a firm favorite of mine over the years. From the days of NBA Jam on the SEGA Mega Drive ("Boom-shakalaka!") I've always felt that sporting titles are a must in any gamer's collection. Since the introduction of smartphones and tablets, many of the larger sports gaming titles have inevitably made their way on over to the newer touch screen devices and have just as much success as their console-based cousins. Below are just four of my favorites. FIFA Soccer '12 -- US$4.99 Let's be honest here, wherever there are consoles, there are FIFA titles. These games...

  • BlackBerry 10 is the OS we’ve been waiting for

    If this sneak preview video of BlackBerry 10's features and UI doesn't warm your heart, may we suggest checking your pulse. RIM's CEO, Thorsten Heins, also revealed some other features at the BlackBerry Jam developer conference yesterday and it's clear that RIM has been innovating. True BlackBerry loyalists will bemoan RIM's decision to pursue touchscreen keyboards, but the keyboard previewed on a BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha device, looks promising. It uses modeling algorithms to learn where you press on the display, so it adapts to your typing style. Aesthetically, the keyboard looks like a traditional BlackBerry keyboard with fretted...

  • Marvel VS. Capcom 2 for iOS [Review]

    Deep breath... Marvel VS. Capcom 2 is the best port of a fighting game on iOS, ever. The controls are spot on, the graphics are pixelated prettiness and the fighting is oceans-deep. Breath out a sigh of relief, this games a cracker. The zany goodness of MVC2 has been condensed into a tiny 150MB download that is well worth the time you invest into it. It's a full-on port of the PS2 version, respite with options such as Arcade Mode, a Bluetooth versus mode, training mode, score ranking, score attack and secret factor (for purchasing new characters). There's plenty to...

  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 looks to the future

    The sequel to the best-selling franchise in Call of Duty history is coming. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 dials down the past and shoots forward to a bright, frightening future. Design, plot, graphics, it's all new. Sources say that COD: BO 2 takes its plot cues from a plausible future and one that is strikingly similar to Terminator 2. Plot heavy Resources are tight in 2025. Oil is gone, replaced by precious metals which power the wars of the future. With the assistance of David Goyer, screenwriter for Batman Begins, the story is going to bob and weave with the...

  • The design-fantastic in Botanicula

    Indie developer Amanita Design outdoes itself with this point-and-click exploration game chock full of imagination and flair. Band of Brothers What do Mr. Lantern, Mr. Feather, Mr. Poppy Head, Mr. Twig and Mrs. Mushroom all have in common? Well a quest to save the last seed of their home tree of course. Confused? You should be. One thing you shouldn’t be though is surprised. Coming from the hive mind of Czech company Amanita Design, Botanicula is a product of love. The company is known for its games brimming with imagination, bursting at the seams with gorgeous visuals, clever puzzles and colourful...

  • Samsung Galaxy Y Pro [Video]

    The Samsung Galaxy Y Pro is a simple "smartphone" aimed at the emerging markets. With a fidgety touchscreen and a BlackBerry style keyboard, can the Samsung Galaxy Y Pro appeal to the lower-end of the smartphone loving spectrum? Fearless Gearburn gadget reporter Michelle Atagana turns up the heat in this video review of Samsung's latest mobile phone. Join us as we take an in-depth look at this phone and see whether we gear it or burn it.

  • Evil is back with the Diablo III TV spot

    Have you watched the video? Go watch it again. Right, evil is back. Diablo III launches May 15. That's just three weeks shy of male virginity reaching an all-time high. We're not sure what's better though, the video or the comments just below it. "MY GIRLFRIEND SAID THAT THIS VIDEO SUCKS; SHE'S SINGLE NOW, JUST KIDDIN' SHE'S DEAD :D". Fifteen May, remember that as the day social lives across the globe ended.

  • Win Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13: Masters Collection Edition

    Gearburn is giving away four copies of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13: Masters Collection Edition, which includes Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13. How to enter: Tweet @gearburn how you would make golf more interesting. The most creative answer, wins a copy of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13: Masters Collection Edition. We have two PS3 and two Xbox 360 copies to give away. Please include the hashtag #gearburngiveaway and include the console you are entering for. Tweet OR Leave your answer in the comments below. The competition will run from 30 April-4 May 2012.