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  • Video Review: Samsung D6570 all-in one home theatre

    It's slinky, it's skinny, it'll fit in any room... and a wireless link for your rear surround speakers saves the spaghetti cable runs. Samsung's D6750 all-in-one is a Blu-ray player with a home theatre AV receiver and amplifier built in, feeding some high-tech, ultra-slim column speakers. One box convenience, even the latest and greatest in 3D technology, but with a lot of compromises when it comes to flexibility and audio quality. Gearburn takes a look in this video review.

  • Review: Art-ertainment in Ico & Shadow of Colossus HD

    In this age of mindless first-person shooters and endless chasing down of health packs, it’s refreshing to see a game like Ico and Shadow of the Colossus come around... again. They may be remastered, but they hold an important kind of currency in today’s gaming market: originality. Go ahead and look at other reviews for Ico and Shadow of the Colossus (SOTC), they’ll all focus on the same thing - how the PS2 versions have been improved from Team Ico’s original releases. You really only need one line to sum up the obvious changes... so here it is: improved frame...

  • Not a review: Logitech M125 in ‘A Lonely Place to Point and Click’

    Rays of sunlight pierced my venetian blinds, sending UV rays lasering into my room. As I raised my trembling hand to shield my eyes, a tiny Logitech mouse cracked me across the bridge of my nose. Why was it tied to my hands? What happened the night before, and where the hell was my coffee? The office, yesterday, 4:30pm The Logitech M125 mouse, a tiny nugget of user interface fun was thrown onto my desk. “Here, review it. Make it shine,” my editor said. “Make it fantastic. I want to laugh. I want to cry.” The mouse is the most important piece...

  • Video-less rooted Kindle Fire sorted

    Those who purchased the Kindle Fire and the swiftly proceeded to root it to allow the installation of unapproved apps would have swiftly hit an error message when trying to play videos. “Your device is no longer configured correctly to play Amazon videos. For more information see Help & Feedback under Settings.” Naturally, the hacker community swiftly swung into action to create a workaround. One of the biggest selling points of the Kindle Fire is its ultra-low price of US$200, which places it far and beyond the US$449 iPad. Rooting a Kindle Fire is similar to “jailbreaking” an iPhone. Once...

  • HTC sees gloomy year for mobe sales

    The Taiwanese cellphone mega-manufacturer has cut its immediate revenue forecasts by as much as a quarter, citing continuing global recession and competition from Apple and Samsung. It expects it’s fourth quarter revenues to be $3.4 billion – the same as this time last year. “Due to global macroeconomic downturn and market competition, the assumptions of 2011 Q4 financial forecast provided earlier are no longer applicable,” HTC said. Growth will return in the first half of next year, it said. HTC has also been involved in a protracted patent skirmish with Apple, including a recent loss in the US courts over patents...

  • Review: Frame to Facebook with Samsung SH100

    It’s everything you want in a cheap point and shoot, and more. Remember every time you took a pic, and went, “Jeez, how awesome would it be to just beam it up to the Web or Facebook!” The Samsung SH100 does this via Wi-Fi – and there’s more! It also lets you use your smartphone as a remote viewer. How awesome is that? Not very, unfortunately. Only suckers and those who don’t read Gearburn reviews buy first generation technology. The SH100 is explicitly designed for the smartphone generation – the menus, the touchscreen, even the memory card uses smartphone-like cues....

  • Microsoft details Kinect for Windows

    Kinect, the wildly successful Xbox 360 motion-controller is making its way to the Windows platform by 2012. This news was announced a short while back, but no further information was released, until now. Microsoft, in a “tell-all” blog post, has detailed how Kinect for Windows will offer a substantial improvement over the Xbox 360 version. The team will “build on the existing Kinect for Xbox 360 device, and optimise certain hardware components as well as make firmware adjustments which better enable PC-centric scenarios.” Coupled with “numerous upgrades and improvements” the updated hardware will “deliver features and functionality that Windows developers and...

  • Video Review: Sony Ericsson ray

    This is the future of entry level phones, at least on the upper end of entry level. Small, compact and affordable touchscreen Android devices have grown in popularity, and devices such as the Ray take full advantage over the powerful and highly customisable OS. Are pocket-friendly (price and size) Android smartphone's the way forward? Sony Ericsson has called the Ray "A fast, powerful and drop-dead gorgeous Android phone", we pick it apart and present the facts. Join us as Gearburn TV takes a closer look at the Sony Ericsson ray.

  • ‘Cinderella Law’ curbs gaming zombie kids in Korea

    The endless midnight gaming sessions of South Korea's children are set to be curbed by stringent new laws. If children are 15 years or younger, they will no longer be able to log into the PlayStation Network from midnight to 6am.The sweetly-named "Cinderella Law" has been put into effect from now by the government's Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism (MCST) and Ministry of Gender Equality and Family (MGEF). Xbox Live, Microsoft's online service has been given a grace period of two months to comply with the law. Online providers have been tasked to create rules which track user age...

  • Review: HTC Sensation of a near miss

    I have a soft spot for HTC. My trusted Desire was my first Android-powered device, and needless to say, I love it. It’s a great piece of kit: well built, still snappy after all these years and the battery life no worse than most new phones. So how does the Desire’s new big brother, the Sensation, shape up? By my reckoning, HTC is the Android manufacturer that places the most emphasis on build quality, and it shows throughout its range of devices, from the entry level Wildfire, to this latest offering. It was up against some heavy expectations baggage -...