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  • E3 2013 Microsoft Press Conference [Live Blog]

    Microsoft’s time to reintroduce the Xbox One as a hardcore gaming machine is right now. After what we would consider a slow start to the next-gen console race, Microsoft will now hopefully present a game focused press conference that wipes away any misconceptions we may have about the Xbox One and its preference for TV. IGN.com has already confirmed the Xbox One games list, so now it’s just up to Microsoft to show off the fancy new graphics of the One, and to hopefully lay into us with a non-listed surprise or two.

  • iPhone 4: The stats you need to know

    With some of the details of the new iPhone 4 leaked a few months ago by tech blog Gizmodo, the hype around last night’s launch of Apple’s latest version of the iPhone was always going to be more about the finer detail Apple CEO Steve Jobs would provide. With a vastly-improved camera-operating system, a richer display, video calls, and some real advancements in the hardware department, the new iPhone 4 demonstrates once again that Apple is the undisputed leader of the smartphone world. Here are the key new features. All New Design The iPhone 4 has a new design we've...

  • New iPhone 4 is Apple’s ‘biggest leap’

    Apple CEO Steve Jobs revealed the new iPhone 4 at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco on Monday evening, calling the redesigned gadget the "biggest leap" the company had taken since the launch of the first iPhone. After tech blog Gizmodo unceremoniously leaked pictures of the new iPhone prototype a few months ago, Jobs' was looking to turn up the hype. Jobs acknowledged the leak by saying: "Some of you have already seen this." Gizmodo failed to crack an invite to the sought-after announcement. Some of the key changes to the new phone include a higher resolution display Apple is...

  • Gazuma: A new option for mobile gamers

    SkillPod Media, a recent finalist in the Excellence in the Management of Systems category of the Technology Top 100 (TT100) awards, claims to have broken the standard mobile gaming mould by launching a new mobile games platform Gazuma. The new platform allows users to play their games directly from their handset’s browser, as opposed to the normal model where users first have to buy the game online and then download it to their handset as an application. With the Gazuma platform, gamers are able to log game scores, enter tournaments, win Pods (SkillPod’s virtual currency built into the platform), challenge friends,...

  • The Hero is a real threat to the iPhone

    There’s a lot to be said for an instrument that reflects the word ‘Hero’ back at you when you turn it on. It’s a great motivator to go out there and be the best you can be. Clearly, the developers at HTC had this word imprinted on their brains when they designed this handset. The Hero is truly a remarkable piece of technology, and a serious threat to the universal dominance of the iPhone. HTC has spent an enormous amount of time and money on this phone, and their dedication has paid off, both in design and performance. When it comes...

  • Does the E72 prove that Nokia needs a giant kick in the ass?

    Nokia, how do you disappoint me? Let me count the ways. You have great hardware: reliable, tough, ergonomically excellent and a robust operating system. But then you ruin it with shortsighted, badly-integrated, buggy software applications and “services”. And then you ruin it even more by compromising engineering and design decisions with your petty internal politics and power struggles. Harsh? Yes. And this is coming from a died-in-the-wool Nokia fan-boy. My first phone was an Ericsson in 1995. I think it was a GA628. Then I had a T18 that a then-girlfriend gave me. It was indestructible, even surviving a motorbike accident which...

  • World Cup iPhone apps: The hot and not

    With the FIFA 2010 World Cup around the corner, I decided to take a look at a couple of the iPhone apps on offer for our international visitors. Browsing through the iTunes app store I came across a few really fantastic apps on the one hand and a few, um... shall we say, interesting apps on the other hand. 
When judging the apps, I looked mostly at functionality, how they promote our beautiful country, and how they assist visitors with World Cup information and tourist information such as local restaurants, "must sees" and various travel tips. 
 Here are the must-have apps: 

  • Swiss company develops innovative VOIP app based on local platform

    A Swiss-based telecommunications company, TelFree, has made ripples recently with the launch of an innovative Skype-like VOIP service developed right here in our very own back yard. The company has now released a new iPhone application of its offering, available for download in the iTunes App Store. The application's biggest innovation is that it features "push-call technology", making it possible for users to receive calls and messages even though the application isn't actively running on the device, or has even been signed into. This is beneficial for those mobile operating systems that do not support multi-tasking, or the ability to run multiple...

  • iPhone 4.0 revealed by US tech blog – Pics

    US technology blog Gizmodo has got its hands on what it believes to be the next iPhone. According to the blog, the iPhone prototype was apparently found "lost in a bar" near Apple's headquarters, camouflaged to look like an iPhone 3GS. The authors of Gizmodo report they were initially sceptical, but after "playing with it for about a week—the overall quality feels exactly like a finished final Apple phone". Disassembling the phone provided further evidence of its authenticity. The site's sources say that Apple is indeed reporting that it has "lost" a prototype and that "they want it back". However there...

  • Hands on with the iPad: The Memeburn review

    The lingering stares you get while walking around with an iPad tucked under your arm is confirmation that this is no ordinary gadget. In fact, it gives you a small inkling of what it must be like to be a rockstar. Complete strangers stopped me in my tracks to get a closer look or start a conversation about it. Heads would turn. One guy came up to me, shook my hand and just said “well done”. While in a meeting at Cape Town-based digital agency Gloo, parts of the company came to a standstill when word got out there was...