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All posts tagged "LG"

  • LG Optimus G’s 13MP camera, quad core CPU kicks in doors, takes names

    LG's Optimus G is here. Not as if we were waiting with baited breath for this little tramp, but it's here none the less. This very un-iPhone looking phone, more like a redone Galaxy Note, has a 4.7-inch screen, 1.5Ghz quad-core Snapdragon CPU, 2GB RAM, 32GB internal memory and a 2 100mAh battery. That's just for starters. Multi-tasking, no more LG's calling it cross-talking, and it allows complex tasks to be "completed simultaneously without...

  • LG quad-core smartphone may come with in-cell touch display

    LG has started mass-producing in-cell touch displays prompting the question as to whether consumers will find the technology in LG's new quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro smartphone. It has been rumoured that the next iPhone will get in-cell touch technology, but with LG actually producing the displays, it should be obvious that its new smartphone would get in-cell touch too. With a release date sometime this fall, the new LG smartphone will have some pretty heavy specifications. It will certainly need to in order to stay on the radar in the high-end smartphone market. The details are still in rumor form,...

  • LG Google TV coming next week — primed to crush Apple TV, Samsung Smart TV?

    This weekend in the jolly ol’ US of A, LG is preparing to launch its first Google TV version 2.0. The TVs are 3D LED and are available in two monstrous sizes, either 47-inch (US$1600) or 55-inch (US$2100). This may very well be the TV which brings Smart LED’s out of the shadows and into the limelight. The Apple factor Samsung has already pretty much cornered the market in Smart TVs, and plans to unveil...

  • LG Optimus LTE Tag: Control your phone settings with NFC stickers

    There’s something refreshing going on over at LG. First the crazy looking Optimus Vu and now the innovative Optimus LTE Tag, announced yesterday, with its NFC stickers. Similar to Sony’s Smart Tags, LG’s Tag+ system uses NFC tags/stickers to change your phone’s settings. For example, place a pre-defined NFC tag on your car’s dashboard and swipe it to launch your phone’s GPS and Bluetooth app. When you get to the office, swipe another tag to mute your phone and turn on Wi-Fi. To the delight of your 3 year old, the LTE Tag comes with sheets of both pre-defined and...

  • LG throws ultrathin Xnote Z330 hat into ultrabook ring

    Ultrabooks are hot, hot, hot right now. Netbooks are in serious decline, and some manufacturers are getting out. No, it’s ultrabooks all the way, a category created by Apple with the Macbook Air. Now it’s all super-skinny bodies with 13” displays, solid state drives and full-blooded guts. The LG Xnote Z330 is the first from the Korean manufacturer, and currently the sveltest at 1.2kg and 14mm thick, in a minimalist Air-style case. The small one feature is the “Shuriken” display tech from LG, which takes a big shave off the bezel width, allowing the 1366x768 13.3” display to fit in...

  • LG’s Ice Cream Sandwich first loves

    LG announced via its Facebook page that the Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) version of Android will be first released on four of its most recent high-end smartphones: the Optimus 2X, the Optimus Black, the Optimus 3D and the Optimus LTE. According to LG, more of its smartphones may see ICS after review to ensure that "it is compatible with the functionality, features and performance of other LG smartphones to make the ICS...

  • Review: LG Flatron IPS 236V

    Sleek, black curved edges melding into a clear Perspex strip designed to house a single light. A bespoke amber arm, sitting off-centre, joins the ensemble to a raised circular base. No, it’s not some concept piece from a high-profile design house. It’s the LG Flatron IPS 236V. So, you may be thinking, it looks pretty but how does it work as a monitor? The short, simple answer: Brilliantly. The longer, slightly more complicated answer: Brilliantly, but with limitations. Although LG has other products which are LCD/LED hybrids, this one is riding the LED train all the way. In fact, the Korean...

  • LG, Philips and Sharp to build interoperable TV apps

    LG Electronics has tied up with Dutch giant Philips and Japan's Sharp to co-operate on the production of interoperable applications for internet-powered televisions. The glaring omission in this consortium are the two TV leaders, Sony and Samsung. The three TV vendors will jointly create software development kits, which will be distributed to third-party developers to write TV applications, said LG. It is the first such collaboration in the smart TV sector, LG said, adding the three would complete software development kits by the end of this year. They will use different operating systems for their smart TVs, but the applications will become...

  • Video Review: LG Optimus Black

    Black and blocky - you're not going to get a much bigger screen this side of a tablet, and it's got some pretty serious innards to power its Androidy goodness. Gearburn weighs up the iffy build quality against the sheer value for money.

  • LG’s Optimus prime-time smartphone

    Review: LG P970 Optimus Black. It’s big and it’s black. And really skinny. The obvious conclusion is that LG is going head to head with iPhone with the P970 Optimus Black by eschewing any exterior adornment. LG also clearly decided that it was going to go with one big stick: size counts. The display is BIG and BRIGHT. Instead of the iPhone’s relatively cramped 3.5", you get a giant 4" slab of pixelly action. But LG was also building to a lower price-point, so you get 480x800 pixels but only 233 pixels per inch. The iPhone’s 960x640 gives you 326ppi....