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All posts tagged "Dontnod Entertainment"

  • Life is Strange 2: everything we know so far

    Life Is Strange 2 is an upcoming narrative-driven adventure set in the critically acclaimed Life Is Strange universe. It features a brand-new story and cast of characters, brings a string of gameplay changes and improvements, and a noticeable shift in narrative themes. As a massive fan of the Life Is Strange series, I’ve donned my detective hats and dived deep into the digital wilderness known as the internet to unearth as much info, hints and clues as possible. This is everything we know about Life Is Strange 2 so far. Life Is Strange ditches female leads As a franchise well-known for its strong...

  • The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit review

    The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit is a short and charming but often sombre narrative game by DONTNOD Entertainment (the creators behind the original Life is Strange) that acts as a stand-alone prequel to the upcoming Life is Strange 2. The game takes place on a lazy Saturday morning at a snow-covered Beaver Creek home, a small fictional town in Oregon (the same US state all previous Life is Strange games were located) where we follow ten-year-old protagonist Chris and his adventures as Captain Spirit, a superhero alter-ego of his own creation that aids him in facing his often harsh...

  • Everything we know about The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit

    The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit is a stand-alone adventure developed by Life is Strange creators DONTNOD Entertainment, set for release as a free title on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on 25 June. Set in the Life is Strange universe, this roughly two hour narrative game follows young protagonist Chris and his adventures as Captain Spirit, a fictional superhero of his own creation that helps him battle his sometimes harsh reality. The game was recently announced at E3 2018’s Microsoft press conference (where it also managed to snag the Best of Show award), with some extra information dropped in the...

  • Nintendo NX games should put story, gameplay before graphics

    A few years ago, a game debuted on the PlayStation 4, a then new and exciting concept that was to take gaming to an entirely new level, into the eighth console generation. This game was The Order: 1886, and based on that name, you can easily imagine a game filled with lore, exciting quests through the 17th century and lots of metal-on-metal combat. But beyond this, you'd expect a good story. Expect is really the key word here. Although the game looked great -- honestly, it's still one of the best looking games on the PS4 -- absolutely nothing else about...

  • Windows 10, ‘No Man’s Sky’ and ‘Life Is Strange’: the TGIF Video Roundup

    Welcome to the TGIF Video Roundup, a weekly series where we explore, highlight and poke fun at some of the videos, trailers and clips that have made the internet a fun place to be this week. If you missed our last roundup, catch it below. Read more: Windows 10 updates, ‘Mad Max’ mayhem and ‘GTA V’ wildlife: the TGIF Video Roundup The second last week of July is nearly over, which means we're entering the business end of the technology launch cycle. With the Windows 10 reveal, Gamescom, and IFA all coming up, we're seeing some great teasers especially when it...

  • ‘White Night’, ‘Life Is Strange’ and Liam Neeson: this week’s TGIF Video Roundup

    TGIF, and we really shouldn’t be at work, but that won’t stop us from gandering through the week’s best tech, gadget and gaming videos, now will it? The first week of February has come and gone like a scolded cat, but what a month we're in store for. And what a video roundup you're in store for today. Featured videos include the newly released trailer for White Night, a game that's bringing high contrast animation into the modern PS4 era. Additionally, we have gameplay flicks from the upcoming PS4 exclusive Bloodborne, the multiplatform cops-and-robbers shooter Battlefield Hardline. To top it off,...