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All posts tagged "iOS"

  • iPhones running iOS 12.2 are getting a ‘Downtime’ update

    Apple's iOS 12.2 beta update allows users to control their Downtime according to days of the week on iPhones and iPads, reports 9to5Mac. This means that you can now choose your Downtime period for each day of the week, according to your preference. Downtime is a screen time feature for Apple devices that restricts the use of apps so that you can be distraction free at certain times. Previously Downtime could not be changed according to specific days. The feature is currently available for some iOS beta users. Feature image: Apple

  • A weird bug is stopping iPhone XS, XS Max from charging with their screens off

    Apple's iPhone have been plagued by some daft bugs and flaws over the years. Bendgate is perhaps the most iconic, but it wasn't an issue for those who didn't wear skinny jeans or didn't sit on their phones. The latest bug however could potentially affect every iPhone user. A slew of iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max users have reported that they cannot charge their phones when the screen is off. Simply connecting the Lightning cable when the phone's idling doesn't initiate a charge. Instead, the phones simply lie there unfazed, and, uh, uncharged. Users found that unplugging the cable, forcing the screen on,...

  • 5 big features now available on Apple’s iOS 12

    After the launch of Apple’s iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max last week, the company has this week released the latest version of iOS. iOS 12 is now available for models as old as the iPhone 5S and iPad Mini 2. Apple calls it “the world's most advanced mobile operating system”, and it includes a number of notable updates for many of its apps and features. Here are five of the standouts. More creative camera options With this update, your iPhone will feature a bunch of stickers and filters in the built-in camera, along with Animoji and text effects. In fact, there...

  • Apple Watch Series 4 brings ECG scanning to your wrist

    The world's most popular watch "period" now has a new version. Steve Jobs and company on Wednesday announced two versions of the new Apple Watch. The Series 4 has a 30% larger screen than the outgoing models, with a thinner body. The company has also added new complications to the Watch Series 4, with added "loved ones" or travel watch faces for different timezones. Essentially, Apple's letting users customise UI elements on the watch. Apple lauds its new screen The Breathe app, which helps you take a moment during stressful moments in the day, is now also available as a watch face. And...

  • iPhone re-reviewed: what did journalists think of past Apple phones?

    It's mid-September, and that can only mean one thing in the world of tech: an imminent Apple device launch. Call it the iPhone 7S, iPhone 8, or iPhone X -- the new Apple smartphone is set to be the best iPhone ever made. Because, you know, that's what Apple says every year. But looking back at each notable iPhone from the first with lowly 2G connectivity to the 7 Plus with its dual cameras at its rear -- what made each of them remarkable? And more importantly, what did journalists make of each device? We take a look at some of the...

  • iOS 11 beta preview is now available for all to download

    At its WWDC 2017 event, Apple released the developer preview of iOS 11 to... well... developers. It promised that everyday users would soon get in on the action as well, with that day finally coming. Those wanting to get in on the action can sign up via this link, but, it's worth noting that the beta nature means that you might experience crashes and general instability. As for features, iOS 11 brings a one-handed keyboard, ARKit for augmented reality, peer-to-peer payments via Apple Pay, a file explorer, a Do Not Disturb mode while driving and a new App Store. Apple fans can...

  • Apple iOS 10.3 released: find lost AirPods, get cricket scores

    Apple has just pushed out iOS 10.3 for iPhones and iPads, bringing a number of notable features in the process. For starters, you can now use the Find My iPhone app to find your lost AirPods, being an oft-requested feature since the release of the audio hardware. Of course, you can also play a sound on the misplaced AirPods to help you find them. Siri has also received a number of features, such as scheduling with ride-booking apps, paying/checking bills in conjunction with payment apps, cricket scores for IPL and ICC matches and remotely mucking about with supported car apps (checking...

  • Pokemon Go finally available in South Africa, much of Africa

    Don't look now, but Pokemon Go has finally launched in South Africa, three months after its US and UK launch. You might be wondering why Niantic's clocks are so incredibly slow, considering that people have been playing Pokemon Go in South Africa since July. Well, the game wasn't actually available through official channels before today. Many made use of unofficial APK repositories on Android, and other means on iOS. From today though, prospective Pokemon masters can now catch the game on Google Play and the iOS App Store as an official app. Pokemon Go is now officially available in 31 African countries,...

  • Rainmaker and Blek: this week’s top mobile games

    Welcome to Gearburn's Mobile Game Picks of the Week, a weekly series in which Hadlee takes a look at the latest, most entertaining, or time-consuming mobile games on portable screens. Another week, another look at the world of mobile games. We've scoured the internet for the latest titles you should download to your smartphone or tablet once again. Our favourites this week include a stock-trading title and a rather interesting puzzle game that uses gestures. Check all five picks below! White Ninja (free - Android, iOS) Another one of those infuriatingly tough twitch-based games, White Ninja was spotted by Pocket Gamer earlier...

  • These Apple devices won’t receive iOS 10

    Apple is ready to roll out iOS 10 tomorrow (13 September), bringing an array of features to the table. There's a rich notification system, lift to wake, proactive map suggestions and an Allo-style take on iMessage. Add invisible ink, expanded 3D Touch support, iMessage apps and web-based Apple Pay and you've got a pretty chunky update. Unfortunately, some devices will be left out of the lurch... Which devices won't make the cut for iOS 10? In the iPhone department, the new update is supported by the iPhone 5/5c and above. In other words, those with the iPhone 4s will be left on iOS 9. As for...