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All posts tagged "iphone x"

  • Say hello to Apple’s new Red iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus

    Okay, so they're not exactly "new". What you're getting here is Apple's iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus in their launch specifications. But look at them! They're red! The Cupertino company on Monday launched its iPhone 8 series (PRODUCT)RED Special Edition, keeping up a lengthy tradition of relaunching their devices coated in scarlet. But it's not all about the colour. "This special edition (PRODUCT)RED iPhone features a stunning red and black color combination and also offers customers the opportunity to make an impact in fighting the spread of HIV and AIDS," wrote Greg Joswiak, Apple's VP of product marketing. Read more: iPhone 8...

  • Notch a chance: Xiaomi’s ‘work of art’ Mi Mix 2S debuts for $530

    The Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S is now official, and not sporting a notch (thank the phone gods). Instead the Chinese marque has remained true to the original Mi Mix, waging an even greater war on the bezel. But it's quite a beautiful war, even if it's not much of an aesthetic step-up from 2017's Mi Mix 2. Shirking Apple's trendsetting quirks, the Mi Mix 2S flaunts an 82% screen-to-body ratio, sporting a 5.99-inch LCD display slathered in Corning Gorilla Glass 4, with a 2160x1080 resolution. At the rear, there's a fingerprint reader located in the middle of the device, flanked by a...

  • Expect two OLED iPhones, one LCD iPhone in 2018 – report

    The iPhone X was undoubtedly the star iPhone of last year's range, packing a high screen/body ratio and a gorgeous OLED screen from Samsung. But what should we expect from 2018's models? According to KGI Securities (spotted by 9to5 Mac), we can expect two OLED iPhones in the form of an iPhone X successor and an iPhone X Plus. It's believed that the new iPhone X will maintain the 5.8-inch screen size, while the plus model will offer a mammoth 6.5-inch screen size. But Apple is also expected to offer a 6.1-inch LCD model, using a similar design to the iPhone...

  • iPhone X contract pricing: here’s how much you’ll pay

    The iPhone X launches in South Africa today, coming in at R20 499 for the 64GB model and R23 999 for the 256GB model. That's a hefty price to pay, so what about contract pricing? The iStore has you covered, publishing pricing from various networks. Want a 64GB iPhone X? Well, Telkom Mobile is cheapest, coming in at R899 a month for a 1GB FreeMe contract. Meanwhile, the cheapest 256GB iPhone X contract on the list is also from Telkom Mobile, at R999 a month. Check out the table below.

  • iPhone X SA price revealed, get it next week

    The iPhone X might be the most eagerly anticipated high-end smartphone in South Africa (and globally), but with a 24 November launch looming, how much will it cost? Well, the iStore has delivered the goods, confirming that prepaid prices start at R20 499, topping out at R23 999. For the record, the Huawei Mate 10 Pro costs R17 999, while the Mate 10 Porsche model has a R26 999 price tag. "New cellular contracts and upgrades for iPhone X on Vodacom, MTN, and Telkom will be available at all iStores from the week of 24 November 2017," the iStore adds in a...

  • Apple’s Face ID ‘thwarted’ with mask by researchers

    At September's iPhone event, Apple went to great lengths to claim that its Face ID feature was a secure authentication method. In fact, the company said the facial recognition system could distinguish between human faces and masks. Now, Vietnamese security firm BKav has apparently cracked the authentication system, using a mask to do so. The firm's researchers created a 3D printed base then fleshed it out from here. "We used a popular 3D printer. (The) Nose was made by a handmade artist (sic). We use 2D printing for other parts (similar to how we tricked face recognition nine years ago). The skin was also...

  • iPhone X’s Samsung-made screen is best – Displaymate

    Earlier this year, we saw the Samsung Galaxy S8 and then the Galaxy Note 8 claim top marks for screen quality from benchmarking firm DisplayMate. This is due to Samsung's expertise in crafting fantastic AMOLED screens, having come a long way from the original Galaxy S smartphone. Now, with Apple's iPhone X out of the door, the device's Samsung-made OLED screen has wrested the 'best display' crown from the Note 8. "The result: Apple has produced an impressive Smartphone display with excellent performance and accuracy... What makes the iPhone X the Best Smartphone Display is the impressive Precision Display Calibration Apple developed, which transforms the OLED hardware...

  • iPhone X: what are the reviews saying?

    The iPhone X release resulted in several publications rushing to post their "reviews", only spending a day or two with the product. Now that the dust has settled, we rounded up some of the proper reviews to get an informed idea of what to expect. Ars Technica The publication's Samuel Axon distilled the iPhone X allure to three key factors, namely the OLED screen and new format, the facial recognition system and associated features and the polished AR capabilities. In the screen department, Axon noted that the notch was a little strange at first, but said you'll soon forget about it. The reviewer praised the OLED screen...

  • iPhone X, iPhone 8 and more: here’s what Apple showed off

    We've read the reports. We've seen the renders. We've cast our eyes on the code references. Now, it's time for Apple to show us what it's been working on. From the iPhone X to the Apple TV 4K and more, here's what the company had to share... Apple iPhone X The headline gadget of the event was indeed the iPhone X (it's a Roman numeral, so "iPhone ten"). And yes, it features a 5.8-inch HDR-capable OLED screen with that oft-leaked high screen/body ratio, which Apple has taken to calling a Super Retina Display. The phone packs 3D Touch support still, so fans...

  • iPhone re-reviewed: what did journalists think of past Apple phones?

    It's mid-September, and that can only mean one thing in the world of tech: an imminent Apple device launch. Call it the iPhone 7S, iPhone 8, or iPhone X -- the new Apple smartphone is set to be the best iPhone ever made. Because, you know, that's what Apple says every year. But looking back at each notable iPhone from the first with lowly 2G connectivity to the 7 Plus with its dual cameras at its rear -- what made each of them remarkable? And more importantly, what did journalists make of each device? We take a look at some of the...