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All posts tagged "iPhone"

  • iPhone 2018 rumour roundup: Apple will ditch Intel silicon in 2020

    Welcome to our mid-year Apple rumour roundup, popping up just in time for the company's annual September product announcement. Because rumours have an odd tendency to be true around these parts, treat this article as a look at possible things to come. But none of these tidbits have been confirmed by Apple. So take everything listed below with a pinch of salt. With that out the way, have at our rolling rumour roundup for Apple's upcoming iPhone models below. Apple won't be using Intel chips in its 2020 iPhones Here's an interesting rumour. According to a report from CTech quoting "internal company communications",...

  • WeFix’s i2 range brings the iPhone 5S and 6 back to life

    Remember the iPhone 5S? The device debuted in 2013 and was, for its time, quite a monumental product. Apple has since canned production of the phone though, but that doesn't mean there aren't an abundance of second hand models floating around. South African device repair firm WeFix has announced its plan to reinvigorate these old devices. It's set to launc a new range of refurbished devices under the i2 label, giving consumers the chance to purchase "pre-loved" iPhones. "Pre-loved devices are the perfect solution for those who want a quality phone at a lower price than buying new, or for those...

  • The next iPhone could use beefy 7nm chips now in production

    Apple's not wasting any time shrinking its iPhone processing chips. According to a new report by Bloomberg, the company's next generation of iPhones could sport processors utilising the 7nm process. The chip will likely bear the Apple A12 name tag, but it's not clear what the suffix will be. The A11 received the Bionic moniker, and used the 10nm process. Shrinking processors has a number of benefits for manufacturers and users. For one, Apple could shove more transistors onto the chip itself, bolstering processing power. Additionally, a smaller chip means less heat and lower power consumption. Samsung -- Apple's rival, but also its...

  • Apple’s Red iPhone 8 series could make its bow later today

    Do you love the colour red? If you're a bull and deeply vested in the Apple ecosystem, the company might make purchasing an iPhone 8 a little more worthwhile on Monday. Rumours -- stemming from an internal Virgin Mobile memo -- suggests that a Red iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus could make their debut later today. According to AppleInsider, the memo suggests that Virgin will have stock of the devices as soon as the announcement breaks, but phones may only be available the following month. Notably, the notch-screen dual-camera iPhone X is not mentioned. Although the Red variant looks pretty damn snazzy,...

  • You can now get authorised iPhone screen repairs in South Africa

    Core Group has announced the availability of authorised iPhone screen repairs via the iStore and Digicape from 29 January. Previously, users had to swap out their device in the event of a damaged screen, Core Group's Linda van der Nest told Gearburn. "This is the first time local iPhone users will have the peace of mind that their screen replacement is completed by an Apple Authorised Service Provider, with a genuine Apple replacement screen, ensuring full functionality is retained and the manufacturers warranty remains valid -- often at a lower cost than current non-authorised repairs," read an excerpt of the distributor's...

  • Expect two OLED iPhones, one LCD iPhone in 2018 – report

    The iPhone X was undoubtedly the star iPhone of last year's range, packing a high screen/body ratio and a gorgeous OLED screen from Samsung. But what should we expect from 2018's models? According to KGI Securities (spotted by 9to5 Mac), we can expect two OLED iPhones in the form of an iPhone X successor and an iPhone X Plus. It's believed that the new iPhone X will maintain the 5.8-inch screen size, while the plus model will offer a mammoth 6.5-inch screen size. But Apple is also expected to offer a 6.1-inch LCD model, using a similar design to the iPhone...

  • Digicape now offers iPhone battery replacements in SA too

    Earlier this week, news broke that the iStore chain of  retailers would be offering battery replacements to affected iPhone owners, falling in line with Apple's own battery replacement programme. The programme came after it emerged that Apple was stealthily throttling older iPhones with depleted batteries, eliciting scorn from Apple users around the world. Now, Digicape has joined the iStore in offering battery replacements at a reduced price in South Africa, coming in at R430 too. "If you suspect that the battery of your iPhone SE, 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, 7 or 7 Plus may need to be replaced, bring your device in...

  • iStore details iPhone battery replacement programme for SA

    Apple courted controversy recently after it confirmed that it intentionally slowed down iPhones that had degraded (and not so degraded) batteries. The company announced that it would be reducing the cost of battery replacements in the USA for older iPhones. But what about the iStore? The South African retailer has announced that the battery replacement programme would be available here too. "Following Apple’s iPhone battery replacement statement, iStore today announced its replacement price and process for iPhone users," the company wrote in an emailed press statement. The retail chain wrote that "in accordance with the official Apple battery replacement programme", the cost...

  • Yes, Apple is basically throttling older iPhones (but here’s why)

    The iPhone has hit the headlines for some interesting reasons this week after a reddit thread and testing by respected developer Primate Labs. Primate Labs, the developer of the GeekBench benchmark tool, as well as redditors, pointed out that iPhones with degraded batteries saw throttled performance. In fact, the reddit thread saw the user run a Geekbench test, replace their old battery with a new one, and then re-running the test. "I did a Geekbench score, and found I was getting 1466 Single (core) and 2512 Multi (core). This did not change whether I had low power mode on or off. After changing my...

  • iPhone X contract pricing: here’s how much you’ll pay

    The iPhone X launches in South Africa today, coming in at R20 499 for the 64GB model and R23 999 for the 256GB model. That's a hefty price to pay, so what about contract pricing? The iStore has you covered, publishing pricing from various networks. Want a 64GB iPhone X? Well, Telkom Mobile is cheapest, coming in at R899 a month for a 1GB FreeMe contract. Meanwhile, the cheapest 256GB iPhone X contract on the list is also from Telkom Mobile, at R999 a month. Check out the table below.