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All posts tagged "Layers of Fear"

  • Inside, The Witness & more: Pippa’s 8 best indie games of 2016 (so far)

    We know all about the big titles, with marketing material splashed all over our screens, magazines and billboards. But what about the hidden gems? The indie titles with smaller budgets but just as much heart (sometimes more). Have a look at the list to the best indie games of the year so far. The Witness The Witness comes from Braid developer Jonathan Blow (which means you know it’s going to be mind-bendingly challenging). It’s a first-person puzzle adventure game, in which you explore an unnamed island. You also uncover mazes which you must solve in order to continue and unlock subsequent puzzles,...

  • Layers of Fear review: enter the sinister

    A few months ago, I had the opportunity to play an Early Access version of Layers of Fear, a narrative driven first-person horror title created by Polish developer Blooper Team SA. Even though it was still in development, the game already boasted tremendous polish, and provided me with one of the most remarkable horror experiences I’ve had in gaming. Needless to say, when I discovered that Blooper Team had released their final version of Layers of Fear in February 2016, I couldn‘t wait to return to this artfully demented experience. But how would it hold up against my first experience? Could...

  • Happy Halloween: the 3 must play horror games of 2015

    It’s that time of the year again when fear and terror is not something you avoid but actively seek out. Halloween is just around the corner and will soon bear its nasty face, ready to fill your day with unimaginable horrors. In the spirit of this auspicious day of twisted terror, we here at Gearburn have decided to round up some of the best horror games of 2015 to ensure that you have a Halloween filled with all the fear you can handle. If you think there are other tiles worthy of a mention, feel free to add your two cents...

  • ‘Layers of Fear’ Early Access preview: trust nothing, fear everything

    Enter a world of true madness where nothing is as it seems. A terrifying place where the lines between horror and reality are all too blurred. Layers of Fear, a first-person indie title by Polish developer Bloober Team SA, is one of the most outstanding horror experiences I’ve ever had. A game has honestly not scared me this much since I played the original Outlast. In Layers of Fear you delve into the mind of a mentally insane painter who is on a quest to create his magnum opus, the greatest work he will ever produce. But in the pursuit...