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All posts tagged "Lumia"

  • Is the Lumia doomed to fail?

    It’s unfair to say that Nokia’s bid to usurp Apple and Android smartphones is doomed (hell, we loved the Lumia 800), but European telecoms seem all but convinced of the Finnish giant's imminent failure. Four of the top European telecoms who have wisely chosen to remain anonymous have told Reuters that the Lumia range of phones just isn’t good enough to rival iPhones or Samsung Galaxy smartphones. Has Nokia struggled to reach even a semblance of respect in the eyes of the geek been noticed? Hell yes. Can Nokia win the hearts of the telecoms? Hell no, says Reuters. Nokia is...

  • Surprise! Nokia TV enters the fray

    Nokia TV was bound to happen and according to this leak, TV services are due for release on the company's range of Lumia phones. With Nokia TV, users can view local video broadcasts and the first country to receive this blessed gift will be the home of Nokia itself, Finland. Channels included in the launch will be Nelopen, MTV3 and YLE, the oldest television channel in Finland. The report says that the TV...

  • Lumia 800 heads to China, renamed 800C

    People of China, Nokia's Windows Phone the Lumia 800 is primed for arrival, and it's been renamed the Lumia 800C. While knock-offs of the famed Windows Phone have been doing the rounds, nothing tastes better than official. China Telcoms today lifted the veil on the Lumia 800C (available in cyan or black), saying that the phone plans to launch later next month. When the 800C finally arrives, the app store will be ready,...

  • Review: Nokia Lumia 800 – Achingly beautiful

    Writing this review was emotional. I became deeply pensive, and at one stage called my mom to tell her that I love her and that I’ve found the perfect phone for her. It’s what the Nokia Lumia 800 does. It evokes emotive responses. It makes you, for the lack of a better word, gaga. I work with a panoply of personality types, and the Lumia 800 drew superlative praise from everyone. No hyperbole here, just plain, honest truth. Expletives were thrown around, crooning was done, and shrieks of delight were commonplace. I tried to figure out why people were having these...

  • Hands on with Nokia’s Lumia range

    To say that Nokia had a tough 2011 would be a massive understatement. There seemed, however, to be a glimmer of hope when the Finnish telecommunications giant announced two new phone ranges at Nokia World in late 2011: The Lumia and the Asha. The latter consisted of a group of devices designed specifically for emerging markets. The former meanwhile, in the shape of the Lumia 710 and Lumia 800 were meant to restore some it kudos in the smartphone market. Gearburn managed to get some hands-on time both of these devices, as well as the Lumia 900 which made...