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All posts tagged "Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus"

  • Samsung Galaxy S10’s face unlock can be fooled by a photo, video or your best friend

    The previous generation of Samsung's face unlock system used an iris scanner, but the firm ditched that specific design element in the S10 series in favour of its cut-out selfie camera. Now, it seems that this decision has come back to haunt users (and their likeness). A video published by AndroidWorld.it demonstrates this vulnerability in detail. To unlock the Samsung Galaxy S10, S10e or S10 Plus, it seems that all a user need do is hold up a photograph or video of themselves to the phone. Others have noted this too. While AndroidWorld used a still image on another device, Unbox Therapy...

  • South Africa’s getting the ‘slower’ Samsung Galaxy S10 variant, benchmarks suggest

    If you couldn't care less about benchmarks and actually use your smartphone as a phone, this news probably won't apply to you. But if you care about floating points, PCMark scores, and raw performance numbers, you may want to take a seat. Even more so if you're planning to purchase a Samsung Galaxy S10 or S10 Plus. According to benchmarks performed by Anandtech, the Exynos 9820 version of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus -- the version of the phone South Africa will receive -- is notably slower than the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855-powered devices offering in the likes of the US. The 855...

  • Gearburn’s MWC 2019 smartphone power rankings

    We're barely into day two of MWC 2019 and already, we've seen a slew of new flagship smartphones from almost every big manufacturer. So how do they rank? How much were we shook? We take a look at Samsung's devices launched prior to MWC 2019, all the way through to Sony which launched its device on Monday, and see which device really left us with sufficient shock and awe. Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus There's very little this phone lacks. The underscreen fingerprint sensor still can't steal my heart, but the phone's speed and build quality makes up for it. And let me not...

  • Samsung’s most expensive Galaxy S10 phone will cost R35999

    Hate it or, well, hate it, but smartphone prices are inflating like a helium balloon in South Africa. Samsung on Wednesday revealed the pricing of its Galaxy S10 range, and in the process, reminded us of just how much we pay for devices. The cheapest version of the S10, namely the small Galaxy S10e, will be priced at R15 999 -- R500 more than the Samsung Galaxy S9 it replaces. The Samsung Galaxy S10 will start at R18 999 -- the launch price of last year's Samsung Galaxy Note 9. And finally, the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus -- the creme de la creme...

  • Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus vs Galaxy Note 9: did Samsung just kill the Note?

    Dear smartphone user, you've been put into a horrifying position today thanks to Samsung. The company on Wednesday launched its Galaxy S10 Plus, a phone that's probably more similar to a high-end PC than a calling and messaging machine. But if you already have Samsung's other large but older flagship, the Galaxy Note 9, do you upgrade? Is the jump between the S10 Plus that big? For one, the S10 Plus is slightly smaller, but it trumps the Note 9 in almost every other specification. The screen resolution is denser, the processor is newer, it has two additional cameras. Moreover, the S10 Plus...

  • Everything we know about the Samsung Galaxy S10, S10e and S10 Plus

    This week opens the year's most frantic smartphone launch period. Before the month is through, we'll see devices from Sony, LG and Nokia, just to name a few. But before any of those devices are tied to exorbitant mobile network packages with SMSes you'll never use, Samsung will steal the limelight. As always, the Korean firm will launch its wares, namely the Samsung Galaxy S10 family, in San Francisco a few days before Barcelona's MWC 2019 smartphone expo. And yes, "family" because the company's planning more than just a duo this time. How many phones are we talking? According to a flood of rumours,...