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All posts tagged "Samsung Galaxy S8"

  • Samsung Bixby US launch reportedly delayed due to ‘big data’ issues

    The Samsung Galaxy S8 might be one of the more impressive flagship smartphones to debut this year (read our review here), but its smart voice assistant Bixby -- to which the phone dedicates an entire hardware button -- is riddled with teething issues. Sure, the service works in Korea, and even raps in Korean if you ask it nicely. But across the Pacific Ocean, it's a completely different story. Samsung has previously said that Bixby would be available to American consumers by May 2017. Of course, the date has since passed, with Samsung only revealing a US beta preview. What's the reason...

  • Bixby voice preview launched, but only in USA for now

    Samsung's Galaxy S8 is a pretty great smartphone (review) for the most part, but it's clear that the Bixby service is a half-baked clone of Google Now. Still, Samsung has touted the service's (unavailable) voice capabilities in the run-up to the Galaxy S8 launch, saying it'll be better than many other voice assistants out there. Now, the company has finally announced a preview for the voice functionality, allowing owners of their latest flagship to get a piece of the action. "New voice features are coming to Bixby and we’re inviting you to get access first. Bixby is built into the Galaxy S8...

  • The Gearburn Podcast #13: should you get the Galaxy S8?

    The Samsung Galaxy S7 was one of our favourite phones of 2016, packing an excellent camera, solid battery life and great performance into a solid package. The Galaxy S8 has a lot to live up to, as a result, but it's probably the most popular high-end smartphone of the year. We've got that same great camera, a battery that delivers, and one of the best displays we've ever used. Read more: Samsung Galaxy S8 review Then there's that eye-catching design, delivering thin borders and a slick dual-curved display. Is it the greatest phone ever produced by Samsung then? Well, not quite... Join Andy...

  • Samsung Galaxy S8 review: a great phone, but not Galaxy S7 great

    How do you build on the success of the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge (review)? It's quite possibly one of the best smartphones ever released, combining a killer camera with a respectable battery and a gorgeous screen. That alone is a tall order, but throw in the Note 7 disaster and you've got all eyes on Samsung, as it seeks to regain its place atop the Android smartphone pile. Speaking of "tall", that's the first thing you'll notice about the Galaxy S8... Design Imagine the Galaxy S7 Edge, but with thinner bezels, a similarly thin design and a taller form factor, and...

  • Galaxy S8: the US version is much better for emulators

    The Samsung Galaxy S8 (review) is easily one of the most powerful smartphones available right now, going toe to toe with Apple's best in the benchmark department, for one. This is thanks to the Exynos 8895 chip in the international version, while the US version packs a potent Snapdragon 835 processor too. In the wake of the phone's global release, footage emerged of a Galaxy S8 running the Dolphin emulator for GameCube, being widely reported. The footage showed games running at a very smooth pace, giving the impression that the new Samsung phone is an emulation beast of note. The Galaxy S8 was...

  • Samsung Galaxy S8: check these photo samples

    We quite liked the Galaxy S7 Edge, producing some fantastic photos in all lighting conditions. So even though the Galaxy S8 has the same 12MP f/1.7 main camera, you really shouldn't be too disappointed in the first place. In fact, Samsung makes use of multi-frame image processing to reduce blur and produce a better photo. It's a similar idea behind Google's Pixel, which uses a near-identical camera but featured drastically improved HDR+ software smarts to spit out better results. Has Samsung improved matters with the Galaxy S8 in the same way? It's tough to say, but these snaps are definitely on...

  • Iris scanners on phones are neat, but here’s how they can get better [Column]

    The Samsung Galaxy S8 has a ton of great tech packed into it. There's that gorgeous screen that experts are calling the best mobile display ever. Then there's the high screen/body ratio and great camera experience (so far). It's not perfect though, with the fingerprint scanner being in a ridiculously silly place. Fortunately, you can forego the fingerprint in favour of an iris scanner on the front. But again, things aren't ideal here either. Truth be told, the Galaxy S8 has the best mobile iris scanner on the market right now. But that's not saying much, given the number of iris scanner-equipped...

  • Camera comparison: Huawei P10 Plus vs LG G6 vs Samsung Galaxy S8

    The 2017 smartphone war is heating up in South Africa, as the LG G6 (review) and Samsung Galaxy S8 recently launched in the country. Throw in this week's launch of the Huawei P10 and P10 Plus, and consumers are really spoiled for choice. What about the cameras though? How do they fare? Well, the G6 is packing two 13MP cameras (one f/1.8 shooter and an f/2.4 wide angle camera), the S8 has a solitary 12MP f/1.7 camera and the P10 Plus packs two f/1.8 cameras (one being a 20MP monochrome camera, the other being a traditional 12MP shooter). It's all well...

  • Samsung SA ditches ADH repairs on Galaxy S8, offers paid service

    Samsung's last few flagship phones have all offered an accidental damage from handling (ADH) service, offering free screen repairs within a 24 month period. Now, the company has announced that a paid service will be replacing ADH for the Galaxy S8 handsets. The new service, called Samsung Mobile Care, will see users pay R70 a month for two screen repairs in a 24 month period, with the first month being free for all users. Alternatively, users can pay R1299 up-front, if they'd prefer not to make a monthly payment. Interestingly enough, Samsung claims that without SMC, consumers "run the risk of paying...

  • Should you upgrade to the Galaxy S8? Take our quiz!

    Samsung's Galaxy S8 and S8+ launch tomorrow in South Africa, delivering a device that builds off the excellent Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge (review). Between the great camera, water-resistant design and high screen/body ratio, there's a lot to like about the new phones. But is the phone worth getting though? To help you make your decision, we've put together a quiz. So give it a shot if you need a helping hand (or if you're just curious!).